Thursday , August 18 2022

The truth about Hubchev, Levski and the national team! Everything starts from … t


Was that the complete contraction? Does anyone really try to ruin the situation in the national team before the game with Kosovo, releasing the "bomb" that Hubchev will take Levski from this week?

Blitz will reveal the whole truth to his readers of "century news". We call it ironic, because yesterday, everyone was choking with him, and the echo was huge. It seems more enormous than the one after the end of the Cold War.

Here's what the speech is about: t

About a week ago, in our football circles, it was mentioned that Hubchev could lead Levski. An inspection of our agency showed a true reference to the name of the national trainer for Gerena's training post. Not yet, but from the summer. And given the fact that the team were completely collapsed in the remainder of a dualling by the end of the championship. There was no connection with Hubbie. Only option. And so.

In BFS, no one knew about the possibility that Levsky would ask Hubchev for a coach, let alone a heir selected by Krassimir Balakov.

But you know when a rumor starts, and as it starts to walk, it's getting bigger, to decorate it, and straight on starting to bind with the .. t . the truth.

He has reached broken phone and hop – Peter Hubchev leaves the national team, replacing Georgi Dermendjiev, who will be fired for the bad results. Balakov, on the basis of his stable training in Etar, is the perfect option for a national trainer. Also, he has never been to the head of Bulgaria, and since then his name has fallen into the hot seat.

This is the truth of something that was not true indeed. Here we have to add that the authors of the material, from where the huge noise has gone, were hardly trying to distract citizens before the game with Kosovo. But without desire, in the desire to give the wonderful feeling, it was almost … t

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