Thursday , May 19 2022

The Toyota Corolla and the RAV4 should argue in Bulgaria – Technology


C last week, the official launch of a new Corolla, which continues to write history, and last year was the best selling model in the world. The three-member Toyota Corolla family was shown, including the entire range, including the best car and world sales in Corolla, Corolla hatchback and Corolla Sports Touring.

A major change in the new Corolla model is to develop models on the New Architecture New Globe Toyota (TNGA) GA-C, which not only provides better behavior on the road, but also gives designers the freedom to give all kinds of coupe is an individual look.

Following the brand's continuing focus on hybrid self-raising technology, the Corolla has a single conventional engine: a 1.2-liter turbo petrol engine with 114 kilometers. with hatchback and Sports Touring and 1.6-liter 132km. in the sedan.

After four successful nations, the RAV4 brings the same spirit of innovations known to the first generation, and in the fifth generation, the model launches a new era o improved dynamic performance and security. These achievements were achieved using the GA-K Toyota platform, which is first used in the SUV.

With a low gravity center and a significant increase in torsile strength, the RAV4 new platform contributes directly to better navigation, comfort and internal space, leading to the trunk road classroom space (580 l with high seats) , as well as freedom for designers.

The new RAV4 continues to be a unique offer in its class because it offers customers a hybrid self drive drive – which most users choose in Europe (85% in 2018). The new 2.5-liter Police Dynamics machine, which produces 218 kilometers. with front wheel drive, and 222km with the four-wheel drive, make the model even more attractive to customers by achieving significant improvements in performance, responsiveness and performance with the best performance in its class of The use of fuels and emission levels.

A new RAV4 Hybrid AWD-to electric system has completely redesigned and improved to provide much more performance under difficult conditions and safe handling on slippery land.

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