Wednesday , May 25 2022

The son of Maggie Halvadjian FIDEO shared the shame of hell over the Clychau


A spectacular fire video appeared on the net that was flashing tonight over Sofia. As Blitz said for the first time, the fuel element has hit Kambanite and Bunkera. The flames approaching the adjoining houses are dangerous.

The frames, sealed by fire hell, are shared by the son of the television producer Maggie Halvadjian – Bedros. It shows how people abolish the fire with useful methods.

There is a thick smoke in the area, and the strong blowing wind can make it difficult to turn off the fire.

Blitz reader said the flames had already reached one of the houses. There are also 3-4 fire stations.

It's still unclear what the fire causes.

In front "Focus"The head of the National Executive Center in the General Directorate on Fire Safety and Protection of Population said Commissioner Toshko Barzilov said the" Kambanite "area was burning dry grass" The fire has already locked. "It's normal and nothing is worried," Commissioner Barzilov said.


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