Wednesday , May 25 2022

The second home tax is charged in more than 140 settlements at least twice – News from Bulgaria


Owners of second homes in sea and mountain settlements or colonists will be surprisedly surprised at higher tax next year. MEPs voted higher rates for more than 140 settlements included in the list of holiday destinations. For years like Berkovitsa, Kyustendil and Velingrad. Legacy tax in these cities, which will not be used as the main home, will rise more than double, says that amendments to the Local Rates and Fees Act, adopted by Parliament last week, recall Sega .

The list of nationally important destinations is Strelcha, Bankya, Varshets, Kotel, Banya (Karlovo), Pavel Banya. This list covers almost all towns and villages with mineral wells, as well as mountain settlements such as Apriltsi, Elena, Etropole, Klisura, Koprivshtitsa and other dozens. Among the nationally important climatic sea resorts, Varna – from Golden Sands to Galape Galaxy, as well as Burgas.

The change was made with almost no debates between the first reading and the re-reading of the tax laws proposed by the NFSA. The reason is that the state must recover the debt from aparthotels by the sea and ski resorts that are rented to non-owners tourists pays a penny to the treasury.

However, the change encompasses a wider range of taxpayers. List of destinations of destinations of national importance are listed in 42 dwellings. Among them, municipal councils next year will place tax rates on all properties that do not live in the range of 5 to 7 bonuses on the tax assessment. This is several times more than current 0.1 to 4.5 promotions. For the populated places on the list of holiday destinations of local importance, which is around 100, a construction tax of 4.5 to 6 promotions will be on the property tax assessment.

Local elections are next year and it is not expected that nutrients change significantly to the levy. But even a minimum rate of 5 proms will bring at least double appreciation, as 80% of local governments now qualify a rate of 2 proms.

Apart from the main dwelling, the new higher rates will not apply even when the owner has registered their apartment or house as accommodation within the meaning of the Tourism Act, pays corporate tax income for tourists.

The veteran president and the changes, but he was rejected by the judicial majority on Thursday.


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