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The PSG fraudsters did not like Klop – Football World – the Champions League


The Jurgen Klop Liverpool manager was not expected to be the most enjoyable after losing his team with 1: 2 of Paris Saint Germain in the Champions League. Therefore, the question in advance of Group C to the tournament's campaigns is already skeptical, as Merseyside must necessarily overwrite the two-goal difference as the leader of the Napoli stream to be sure of & # 39 their sites. Success with 1: 0 will also be enough for the Reds, but if Napoli marks a goal in England then Liverpool must always look for 2 goals.

On Wednesday, the Reds lost their third place in the group, which left earlier with Naples 0-1 in Italy and with 0: 2 of Red Star of Raiko Mitic in Belgrade. And in Park de Prés, the German team failed to show their best person, and PSG made the first half of the season's extremely strong fruit. But the little tricks that the opponent used to use after the break to rescue him.

"The start was just what we were expecting – wild and intense. He scored two goals after winning the second ball, which does not talk well to us," said Clap.

"Later, we had some control over the events and it was clear that the game had not been solved. We tried everything."

"We had two or three situations that looked very promising. These are not the biggest situations in the world, but with a couple of different decisions moving them, we would be back in the game. We stayed in the game, but we did not show enough to get something out. "

"The boys were adapted after the break, closing the places that were in the middle of the field during the first half. There was a lot of passion, but also many tears. In two or three situations, we were able to do a lot Better There were seconds when we needed a different answer. PSG scored as we made mistakes in our field options. "

"The breaks in the game were not good at all. The Fairplay prize was twice won and we saw this as a butcher tonight due to the number of yellow cards we showed. Neimar and other people PSG operates cleverly. We were not relaxing anymore. "

"In my opinion, when you say that you're dead, then you'll get up and go, you have to have a yellow card Ffawd Veratza vs. Joe Gomez? Fe & # 39; I saw very well and certainly there was no color as we saw 500 times tonight. "

"We will need a special night against Naples (in the final game of the group stage – bc). If we succeed, then we deserve to apply beforehand. If we fail, it does not mean without us. December 11th, anfield finish will be real and it will not be easy, "concluded Conclusion.

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