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The Oda Zon artist wants the pavilion in the palace to be an article with a message


Strong reactions on social networks. The author took the costs of "Still Life"

The "Evening Still Supper" was a continuation of the performance of the type of show. This was explained by Yara Boubnova – director of the National Gallery, after the pictures of the tables at Palace Hall caused a violent reaction to the social networks. The labeling event received a "big roaming" and "insulted about the status of the gallery."

On Thursday, 100 people invited personally were received by the artist Mihaela Danovska with an artistic name, Oda Zhou. The reception was on the opening of the "Heart" exhibition. It will continue until January 13 and the French Cultural Organization is among the organizers.

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Everyone who has been there has been a number of places to sit. The boards had been located in the Palace classroom. There were guests from Paris, Berlin, Brussels, especially to the event. The artist's women also came.

"Still Life" lunch is called. Apart from a selection of meat foods, there were olives, cakes, cauliflower, green salad, icon, fresh asparagus, salt. Oda Zhou himself is herbal.

The hall is currently empty, the event did not include pictures. But the fact that tables have been arranged in this space causes the stormy reaction.

"The idea is for the author and he has paid all the costs. He employed a special catering company. Nothing has been prepared in the gallery. Meat is a symbol of A body that opposes the romantic – in this case, the inn. The artist therefore emphasizes the artistic message of his art in a surreal way.The theme of his exhibition is about painful existence the woman.

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object of use So this belief was also. And there is no reason to "spruce", explains Yara Boubnova.

Women's plaster sheets were found on the table – work done by Oda Zhou.

"Worse, Oda Zhou himself felt that this pain was painful – the woman – in her response to receiving," said Bubnova.

Those who attended the reception said that most guests ate quite moderately. There is a lot of food left. The manager of the catering company has ensured that there is an agreement with a social home and everything goes there.

Exception to the practice of giving palace halls for corporate events is not an exception. That's why exact rules and pricing are. For example, a bottle of champagne can not be opened among the pictures – it's in the lobby. In addition, everything must be cooked in advance. Coctelles are often open to exhibitions.

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This is the first performance of the Bulgarian artist who has been known for a long time. Oda Zhou is the artistic nickname of Michaela Danovska, given to her by the German artist Imagorff. I was born in 1979 in Sofia. She is a Dusseldorf Academy of Art in the maiden class, who gives her a new name. Since 2007 he lives and works in Paris. It is presented by a French temple gallery, which has a great value for the Bulgarian exhibition. In 2012

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France. Her work is part of international and international international collections, she has over 40 individual and general exhibitions in Belgium, Italy, France, Germany and others.

The National Gallery introduces Oda Zon in Bulgaria for the first time with a large retrospective exhibition. This is a type of return of the artist to his homeland. The exposure, collected by museums and private collections, contains more than 50 works – painting, sculpture, watercolor – from the earliest work to this day.

Its style refers to old masters, surrealism and German Expressionism.

On December 1 at 4:30 pm, a document on the art of Michaela Danovska will be shown in the palace.

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