Monday , August 15 2022

The main witness in the "AGM" case says which politicians have gone to the bank – News from Bulgaria t


The main witness came in the case of the AGM and former employee Tsvetan Vassilev – Bisser Lazov, to the court.

His story began in 1994 when he met Tsvetan Vassilev. Until the holiday given by the court, the story came to 2000 when, according to Lazov, political and financial relations between the bank and politicians began to emerge. It was referred to by Nova TV, in the courtroom, and he mentioned many of the names of politicians he met at the bank. The sentence he heard from Tsvetan Vassilev was that "a small bank cannot survive if it doesn't maintain good relations with politicians."

"Everyone needs to go their way. Obviously, this is what our captain gives up. So I'll walk it," Lazov told reporters. So far, it has been questioned 40 times, but for the first time we are facing the court.

"The prosecutor's office aim is for the public to find out who has drained 7 billion leva from the bank and where the money went," said Deputy Prosecutor Ivan Geshev and added if the chief witness confirms its evidence to the researchers, it will clearly bankrupt FPS.

"Lazov was Vassilev's hand and we have to hear about the banker's political thrill," Geshev also said. It was certain that the figures of the public except those mentioned so far (from Ivan Kostov and her daughter Mina) will be heard from the witness's evidence.

Geshev said that Bisser Lazov could not be charged because he was not among the people who gave loans to the AGM.

Some of Tsvetan Vassilev's employees have become the faces of companies, the main witness in the second part of the interview has said. And added that the trust in the banker is a witness. And he explained to them that these are trusted companies that will make a profit. Through these companies they were "scrolling" money. And those from the outside didn't get anything.

One of the great deals was the acquisition of a railway factory in Sofia, which had been abolished. Hundreds of acres of land have been built, and the company through which the deal has passed has gained a good reputation. Another company bought shares of the Dunarit. The imaginary owner had to explain to the Financial Intelligence that the deal was fixed and that it was to be funded by a bank. So 5-6 years left the feeling that funding Vassilev investments was something that brought positive results, Lazov explained. He added that, in the meantime, he had risen and had gone into the supervision of the AGM.


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