Saturday , May 28 2022

The Levi Strauss jewelery is planning to become a public company again ::


Levi Strauss, a maker of games, plans to become a public company again

Photo: Reuters

The 145-year-old maker Levi Strauss & Co is planning to launch an IPO, Reuters reported, stating a source that is familiar with the case.

The company, which intends to rise between $ 600 million and $ 800 million, is likely to become public in the first quarter of next year, reporting CNBC.

The report states that Levi intends to start the stock exchange with an estimated $ 5 billion.

The company now refuses to comment on the news.

This will bring Levi back to public space after almost five decades of retirement.

For the first time, the company became public in 1971, but the founders of the founder, Levy Strauss, decided to soon turn it back privately.

In his latest quarterly report, Levi said that sales had risen by 10 percent to $ 1,39 billion, and he earned 44 per cent net revenue due to the increasing demand for jeans in retail stores and space online .

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