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The Kremena neighbors have been listening to the scandals for months – they have heard Borislav pushed it into the wall (Obzor)

For 6 years the girl has filed 6 appeals against her husband, but then she retired

The Public Prosecutor: A society must know that domestic violence is unacceptable, unfair and already criminal

The defendant's defense counselor suggests that the victim is mentally unstable and treated

With a scandal of clothes and property bought during the marriage between Borislav and Kremena Nikolovi, the last dead war began between them on February 24th. The 41-year-old man was arrested for the death of his wife two days before divorce.

On Thursday, Borislav was taken to the court in Varna, but no family members or relatives attended the meeting. According to the office of prosecutor, it can be reasonably taken to have caused fatal blows on top of Kremena. The offense was held on Sunday when the man was exporting his luggage from accommodation.

Before you

go, beat

your wife and her

give it up to date


A little earlier, Borislav asked her mother to help pick up the items. The Kremena body was opened on Tuesday.

Yesterday, however, his defense adviser said when the client and his mother left the apartment, Kremena was not in a stateless state of work alone, but was sufficient and legal and the author of the deed had not # 39; to prove. Due to the pure and criminal criminal past of his client, the fact that he works and has a permanent address, he asked Borislav to be under a house arrest. The court, however, leaves it in custody.

According to Nikolov's relatives, consistent scandals were in keeping with all their family cohabitation.

For 6 years, Kremena has filed a 6-7 domestic violence against her husband, but she dropped her complaints a few hours later. However, due to multiple signals, the police have issued warning protocols against Borislav to control her abusive. In one case


it's even



her husband

broke his nose with


in the next scandal.

"Borislav was very depressing, she was on her phone, reading the messages. Everyone knew they had problems, so they divorced," says Kremena's love.

His colleagues claim to have complained about her beliefs. They saw coming to work and even told them that his wife had psychological problems.

"I've heard their scandals, but I did not expect them to get there. I heard from neighbors that he pushed it into the wall that he was beaten. Nobody knew them well, not the girl was getting bigger, but everyone knows about their scandals. We've heard their fairs for months, "explained retirement living on the fourth floor of Nikolovi's block.

Borislav traveled a long time on the ships, but for almost a year he began to work in a gold gold shop in Varna. Kremena was a translator and worked years ago as a guide.

Their marriage was difficult and had serious problems, which led them to filing for a divorce in the long run. As the couple do not have children and their own home, and do not have anything to divide, the divorce must go through an agreement. The case was arranged for February 26th.

Two days earlier, Borislav started collecting his luggage and falling the final scandal. He himself admits the researchers that he had had a serious scandal with a wife in the dead night. His mother called her to help her stuff, take her TV and go out.

"The prosecution opinion is based on a high-level version. It is crucial because it is based on several known circumstances, which is a scandal between the parties on February 24. The scandal arose as a result of Take clothes from the common dwelling where he lived with Kremena's wife to rent. There is a scandal, but not a reason for opinion is to establish the author of the law certainly. In this case there was a scandal between them. When Borislav called his mother, he relied on her to finish the scandal. The landlord and the landlord were witnesses.

At the same time, Borislav was not reviewed by an expert to find out if there are scratches and cranes on his body, and so much scandal suggests that there is one.

If there were serious conflicts, there would be signs of battle.

The Office of Varna Prosecutor, before notifying the media, lets me beat another door, go into a number of registers to check what it's about. He would not have reported that there were any complaints from Kremena against Borislav, "said defense defense defendant Encho Enchev in court.

With the last two sentences, the attorney suggested that Kremena had been unstable and mentally treated.

In the words of Enchev's lawyer, after Borislav and his mother left, Kremena came up the stairs, where their landlords lived, and telephoned the door. But they did not get help from them. He did not ask to call for help or to ask for a doctor. Then he went down to an apartment and locked himself.

According to the state accident in the fatal night on February 24, the scandal between the spouse fell into a death that led to Kremena's death. The autopsy showed that a cause of death was a huge hemorrhage in the brain. There are multiple legs on the surface skin, various backbacks, upper and lower extremes that are stroke or with hard objects identified.

According to the pathologists


Kremena is not

he died immediately

and it can pass

even an hour after

fatal blows

in the end,

leading to the bleeding that caused death.

On February 25, Kremena's mother called for a long time on her phone, but after the girl did not get up, she told the police. She was aware of the beats and the whole family divorce.

Police and fire teams were sent to the site. They managed to penetrate the flat through the balcony door on the second floor. They found that Kremena was dead in bed. From the evidence of the neighbors, and because of the number of complaints brought by Kremena, the researchers seized the wife for questioning and on February 26 he was accused as an allegation.

He said the only words Borislav in court, "I have nothing to say."

As an attorney accused the Office of the Varna Area Prosecutor to be based on this particular case, "he advertised the amendments to the Criminal Code relating to domestic violence crime", et. Radoslav Lazarov's class prosecutor explained:

"The amendments to the Criminal Code do not affect the case of Nikolov, because the law provides for the same penalty in this case – a prison between 15 and 20 years, a life prison or a life prison without replacement.

Death, as it is explained, does not occur immediately. But the reason is clear. The initial stage of the investigation does not allow for a more detailed commentary on the facts and circumstances collected.

However, the court, which is required to be judged, has been determined to be sufficient to take the most serious measure of procedural enforcement. The fact that the dwelling has closed after leaving a home and that it only had a key proves that another person has not gone to beat.

I will not comment on Alchev's lawyer's accusations, it is not enough for the public to know that domestic violence is unacceptable, unfair, and already criminal in terms of our legislator. It's not an advertisement, it's a fact.

The author of the law was established in the present case, in the light of the evidence gathered. Certainly, there is a presumption of inconvenience, and the author of the deed will eventually be established after a ruling in force, "said prosecutor Radoslav Lazarov.

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