Wednesday , June 29 2022

The Great Battle for Space


In November, the "Big Space Battle" was published, a book about "Golden Age of Space Research".

The growth of the new space industry, which is now only the monopoly of the state, but also a private enterprise and a constant competition among four of the richest entrepreneurs in the world.

He is constantly present in social networks – there are millions of followers, his videos and TED lectures are watched by millions, an interview …

Since the hopes of the Apollo missionaries, who have made a way that nobody takes, remain unrealized, a new generation is coming, ready to regenerate dreams of childhood, repeat the heroism of its idols , inspire the way he was inspired.
Ian Musk, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson and Paul Allen (unfortunately, is no longer among us) behind some of the largest Tesla brands, Amazon, Virgin, Microsoft. They invest their billions and all their energy in the dream of mankind to travel in space. Their SpaceX space technology companies, Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic, and the Stratolaunch project have set the goal of delivering low cost space journeys, developing space tourism, sending people to the moon and arriving at Mars.

This fight for the cosmos, although at the beginning, is full of dangers and supreme adventures, an accident that costs the tester's life, a rocket explosion, and sabotage suspicions. Muss's vegetable law, which faced a whole country military complex. Political structures get all the way to Ty Gwyn.
The book also traces the fierce competition between Ilean Musk and Jeff Bezos, who are in court and Twitter conflicts, challenging the importance of every success. Two billionaires have a completely different style and desire – Musk lets on, with success and failure in the middle of the scene, everyone's attention, while Bezos remains silent and far away, and his mysterious rocket adventure is hide behind the curtains. Their race to stars is not driven by political doctrines, but rather by huge status, ego and adventure love, with the chance to take humanity among the stars forever.

Imagine a world where everyone is inspired to work, feel happy and appreciate during the day, and then come home …

And the race will continue as years turn to decades, and decades in generations, because it survives the imagination of kings where. Because this is an endless race, endless as the cosmos …

For writing the book, Christian Davenport draws information from reports and documents from a number of written sources, including Ashley Vance's "Ilean Mussk: PayPal, Tesla, SpaceX, and Mourning to the Incredible Future "(2016) personal talks with the managers and managers of the four billion companies. The author also includes part of the interviews he personally did with space kings: "I am grateful to all of them for sharing their story and inspiration One of them is Jeff Bezos, the owner of my employer, the Washington Post. I'll say straight away. I admit it's strange to write a book about someone who could be my own. "
As a result, the journalist creates a smart and informative book that is full of bright and enthusiastic details.

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