Friday , May 27 2022

The first time and teacher in his career …


Roger Federer has been an exciting part of the exciting ATP rounds in London. On Sunday, Switzerland retired 6: 7 (4), 3: 6 in front of Kay Nishikori in his first game in the group.

Statistics show that this is the first time in the glorious Maestro career, where he does not win a game in the group stage of the last Masters. Until last night, Federer's losses were only 6 in the groups, but in every case he had at least installed.

The game by Nishikori is also the fifth highest tennis player of the Federer final. The last player of the "ten" that the Maestro was defeating was Grigor Dimitrov in the final rounds of Rotterdam in February. The last time Switzerland came to a similar series of consecutive defeat against 10 top players in the 2013 season, when you miss 7.

Another curious fact – Rafael Nadal was made to lose Federer from Nishikori to finish the year as No. 2 at the sites.

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