Thursday , January 28 2021

The difference between a successful and unsuccessful Bulgaria migrant – Bulgaria

Q Tilian works in the United Nations IT Center in the city of Valencia in Spain. Deciding to participate in programs while studying economics in Sofia. Self-reading material on the Internet. We work in a foreign IT company in Bulgaria.

He then applied for another job. Not aware of the details. The interview lasts several hours on the phone. They approve it, and with surprise understand that they must leave for Valencia.

"Our interests change and in the process of learning economics I have found my interest in another," explains Stilian to Plus-Minus. NOVA News Commentary. "Do you find a job that you love, don't work."

The other pole is Veneta. She is also a labor migrant from Bulgaria in Valencia. He went to Spain with a clear recognition that he would work with low skills.

She suffered unemployment in her home town. It was supposed to look at a child. So he went to Spain. Her 13-year-old left in Bulgaria.

Now sort fruit. We work for hours and have a few minutes rest. She believes that her Bulgarian colleagues in Valencia are discriminated against because the Spaniards receive a much higher salary.

Take 5 euros per hour. In the best and heaviest months we win 750-800 euros a month. Recognizes that employers take advantage of their employees because they believe that Bulgarian workers cannot find another job.

For February, the plant wrote to the authorities that Veneta had only worked for 11 days. She doesn't want to rely on social benefits but wants to recognize her work done and get the assurance she deserves with her work. We don't know the language and don't know the laws of Spain and can't claim its rights. She already wants to give her the best and return to Bulgaria.

"I was doing a job, a good wage, a good attitude," said the young woman. "It is clear that we, the Bulgarians, are nothing for them."

According to official data, Bulgarians trying to sell abroad are 1.3 million. The vast majority of them work in Europe.

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