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The businessman Plamen Minchev suffered a massive heart attack and fell down on the ski slope (Obzor)


I have always loved journalism, but at one point I decided to look at what I have in my pockets, he says, and he becomes one of the richest in Bulgaria

A massive heart attack has plastered Plamen Minchev's famous businessman. This Forensic Medicine was set up in Sofia after an autopsy on Thursday at noon.

"For the last time we saw it before the New Year, but then we heard the phone 3-4 times," says Victor Melamed, who is one of his nearest friends.

"He had never shared problems with health, it was very sporting.

He played tennis,

he was busy

under water



A classic sporting figure is given to the health of his life forever because he was not ill. I do not remember influenza influenced by flu or anything else, "said Melamed.

Relatives and friends will say their final fun to Plamen Minchev on a pilgrimage on Saturday at 13 o'clock at the "St. Sofia" metropolitan church. The funeral is the following day at Tryavna, from where his parents are.

"This is the greatest friend I've ever had. It was of this kind of comedy. They appear with glamor and disappear with a glitter" – so it will stay in the memories of Victor Melamed and the late Minchev.

However, there is information that the business, who died suddenly in the town of Borovets, told friends who did not feel well for a month.

The former 60-famous BBC juice has skiing at the destination with a friend of a musician himself. They were down the slopes soon after 11.30am and Minchev asked to drive slower.

Minchev, who was in perfect shape, arrived at the end of one of the tracks, then he literally collapsed. Scary, love


he did



and after that Peter Popangelov called for help.

The world legend that lives at the destination has sent mountain rescuers. Popangelov took the body to hospital in Samokov.

He responded to an urgent response immediately, but it was too late, "explained our biggest alpine." It was an extremely exceptional person, "added Popangelov. Emergency doctors arrived, but Plamen Minchev only died.

He was a leading television actor, and in the first few years after the changes in Bulgaria, he went into business. They were female beans of beauty. According to his idea in Bulgaria for calendars, one of the most beautiful girls in the world was shot.

He is the first person of the famous actress Evelina Borissova of the "Seven Ors of Difference" television series, which is also his only wife.

A few years ago, he told "24 hours" that his marriage with Plamen prevents him from acting profession and "put her into a dry matter of numbers and money.

With Plamen they happen accidentally,

marry after

40 day connection

Nothing suggests that one day will be among the very wealthy people in Bulgaria. Plamen is the man who then escapes from the attention. Their daughter, Antoinette, who scratches her father's skin, and one of them, contacts them



without interruption

from divorce

When calling on the phone, Plamen always told her "my wife."

The head of the BBC is well-known for his passion for exotic fish. Evelina does not forget, when traveling around the world, to buy new, rare specimens.

Antoaneta from a young person is studying English at London School. "I do not want one day to ask her a smile:" Well, how interesting is your accent. Where are you? "That's why we have decided with Plamen to live for at least one year in the UK," said Eva.

Both of them are not

new families

In the film's first performance, "Forgive Us" (2003), with Eva returning to screen, he is leading her father-in-law and mother-in-law. "The only ones," answer a question without breaking out whether they are the relatives of an old man or a new marriage.

After filming "Seven Ors of Difference", Evelina received many invitations for on-screen appearances, but because of her business commitments in Bulgaria and abroad, she could not take it. Now he lives between Sofia and Manhattan, where their daughter Antoinette has settled. She is a graduate of the University of New York, and is currently traveling worldwide as a personal and reliable assistant to a famous magic – David Blaine.

Plamen Minchev lived for many years with beautiful Russia who had a second child.

After the accident of Borovets, Evelina and Antoinette quickly contacted, who had just left, but in this news she returned from the US immediately. Plamen's love, the Russian lady, was in the United States.

Minchev was born on 3 August 1958. He graduated from the University of Sofia "St. Kliment Ohridski", "Geomorphology" expertise. In 1989, Linns OOD created the foundation of the future holding, the owner of Link, Bovis and Stork juice factories. He was the president of the company holding "ВВВ груп", which merged three companies.

The entrepreneur joined the private business first as an importer, after which he won the "TetraPak" massive trust and began to produce its own juice in Sofia and produce fresh milk in Botevgrad.

He was president of "BBB Group", director of "Lines" Ltd. and the chairman of the "Vazrazhdane" business club.

He was the president of the Bulgarian Tennis Federation and underwater fishing.

After graduating from Sofia University in 1982, Minchev

he started

working in the Bulgarian National Television

– in the show "Every Sunday". In an interview he says, "I've always loved journalism, but at one point I decided to look at what I got in my pockets!"

And he became one of the richest people in Bulgaria. It adds, however, that journalists have an extremely important role in society.

In 1995, based on the old "Botevgradska Vishna" processing process, he created "Bovis" for the production of fresh milk and dairy products with the brand ВВ. He also made one of the first deals with a foreign investor, selling his BBV company.

In recent years, the developer and the private equity fund NBGI have been leading a long established litigation for the rights of the company. After a number of corporate re-registrations, the fund was proven to be lost property and began to request compensation in the court and international arbitration. In the meantime, the business has suffered severe financial difficulties.

As a final result in 2010, Plamen Minchev sent letters to his partners

stops temporarily


until a new source of money is found. The brand was removed from the range of retail chains, and the wholesale stores sold the remains of the old loads.

Previously, the mark had almost 8% of the totally non-carbonated drink market. In 2011, the proportion fell by below 5%, and at the end of the year, when the production had already expired, BBB had around 1% of the total sales.

The St Canning initiative, which was also part of the BBB holding, was sold from before. In 2012, Banka placed 4 attacks on companies from Plamen Minchev. Then Banya bought the BBBBB brand company and restored it.

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