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The BSP refused to vote for the resignations of Tsacheva and Tsvetanov


Cornelia Ninova Photo: Archives

Ninova counts lobbying laws Borisov 3

The BSP will not return to parliament for the cabinet vote. This was noted by the social worker Kornelia Ninova to ask whether he will return his MPs about the resignation of Tsetska justice minister Tsacheva and head GERB PG Tsvetan Tsvetanov.

Tsvetanov has gone, Ninova said he had made this collection in the media. But Borisov can not solve the problem now, because the scandal "Apartments" is a result and not the basis of the problem, the socialist said.

The problem is in the governance model, which, for 10 years now set on GERB, when adopting lobbying laws, Ninova said. So, the BSP will count how many lobbying laws were adopted, whose interests and for what money from Borisov's office 3, recalled that a list of such has also been made for the previous Borisov government, t and then adopted the red listed 26 lobbying laws.

The second feature of the model is the political racket. And even Tsvetanov to leave, another Tsvetanov will come, "said Ninova. The head and brain of this model is Borisov. Although he runs the state, there can be no change, he said.

Borisov says he has created GERB to fight corruption. After 10 years of governance, his party's corruption took, he added, and announced that the only way out is early elections.

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