Saturday , May 28 2022

The area controls of area heating companies are underway ::


Audits of area heating companies are underway

Photo: Reuters

The Energy Ministry and Electricity System Operator (ESO) teams begin to jointly review the area heating companies in the country in connection with their commitments to maintain specific reserves for the heating season.

Maritza East 2 TPP Maritza 3 TPP – Dimitrovgrad, Combut Marble East 1 TPP, Galabovo, TPP Brick, Bobov Dol TPP, Rousse District Heating Company, "Toplofikatsiya-Gabrovo", "Toplofikatsiya-Sliven" to "Toplofikatsiya-Pernik" .

ESO will invest the supplier's technical condition and supplies with available reserves contracts – Bobov Dol TPP, Maritza 3 TPP – Dimitrovgrad and Toplofikatsiya Rousse.

The inspections will continue until November 29, the energy ministry said.

Joint inspections are part of the measures to ensure the safe, efficient and efficient operation of the power system during the winter season.

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