Wednesday , January 27 2021

The Anti-Corruption Commission has released Tsvetanov with unexplained property many years ago?

The scandals around the property and income of Tsvetan Tsvetanov seem to have no end to his family. The next one comes from a statement on investigative journalism site "Bivolli" – in 2015 the old Anti-Corruption Commission, then known by the abbreviation KUPI (Commission for Forfeiture of Illegally Acquired Property), came to an end against Tsvetanov while he was still responsible for the case devoted 50 000 leva in favor of Orlin Todorov, former head of the Regional Chamber of Commerce in Veliko Tarnovo. The investigation concluded, although Tsvetanov had a formal discrepancy for 118,848.73 leva. This, however, is below the BGN 250 000 threshold at confiscation.

According to Bivolli, however, the researchers have closed their eyes by depreciating the "unpredictable" property and income value of Tsvetanov and his family by making an accounting model based on all income and expenses in his family. 39 compared to years against NSI statistics for the equivalent family and the consumer basket. The website has published a report prepared by Sofia Regional Unit, written by Georgi Apostolov and sent to the then head of KPI and the current chairman of the Georgiev Plamen Anti-Corruption Committee.

Senate Tsvetan Tsvetanov abolished mandate as deputy. Tsvetanov is no longer a parliamentary group chair …

Tsvetanov's investigation into his family covered a 10-year period (04.12.2003 to 04.12.2013). The main difference is how much they cost to two flats (rough building) and two parking spaces on Elemag Street. Here are the apartments that Tsvetanov exchanges for the apartment in the building "Letera" of "Arteks". Only the apartments are slightly higher 192 square meters He bought (80.22 square meters and 112.54 square meters), and Tsvetanov them in 2008, and bought the TiVB company of Todor Boyadjiev them. For all this, it's paid about 130,500 euros. In his report, however, Apostolov estimates that they are paid 306 120 BGN including VAT, but the real price is at least 300,000 euros i. assume more! On an anomaly of nearly BGN 300,000, KUPI has to start a case against Tsvetanov.
Another aspect of the report is the gifts of the daughter of Tsvetanov, Gergana, made by her grandparents Vassil and Stefanka. Flats donated from 62.50 square meters and garage 29.49 square meters in the Dianabad area, purchased in 2006 and 2007 respectively 23 600 leva and 16 550 leva. However, Apostolov writes that market prices on this property at the date of purchase are 750 euros per square meter, while being bought at a price of about 435 leva! And Gergana Tsvetanova sells in 2013 for a total 72,000 euros i. around 140 000 leva, which is much closer to the real price according to the Apostolov report in 2006 and 2007 – 135 000 leva, and then pay a little over 40 000 leva.

We recall that CPONPI leader Georgiev Plamen inconsistencies in his property statements. They are about the apartment and two parking lots in metropolitan quarter Geo Milev, which are bought for just over 207 000 leva according to Georgiev's property statement, but in the notarial law the amount is t over 264 000 leva. Georgiev also has a dwelling on the top floor of a building on Professor Georgi Pavlov Street, which is 156 large square meters with a terrace of 43 square meters on a statement, but there appears to be another terrace – on your roof. building, 186 square meters. Georgiev argues that it is "a common part within the meaning of Article 38 of the Ownership Act", but bTV shots show that the terrace is prohibited and there is a barbecue. Because of this data today, April 1, an organized protest requires Georgiev's resignation.

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