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That is what Rachkov did with Maria Ignatova


After months of avoiding any risks to achieve, Dimitar Rachkov and Maria Ignatova were once again in a joint company, HotArena learned.

Both television guests appeared at the opening of an exhibition at the Nirvana Gallery in Sofia, which gave the gossipers a question as to whether they were again not healing their complex and contrasting relationships.

The intriguing exhibition, which gathered a large number of people who once worked with the Halvadjian brothers, showed canvasses of the artist Stilian Uzunova, our make-up artist in their show "Two". drops of water ". Logically, he had invited his bosses and colleagues, as well as many of the participants in the double race. Maggie and Judy Halvadjian, Eva Veselinova, Petya Bouyuklieva, Vanya Jaferovich with half of Women and stars like Niki Kanchev and Lora Karadjova.

The most interesting thing about the curious guests, however, was the presence of Dimitar Rachkov and Maria Ignatova. Since the end of February it was clear that they had given the best of their relationship from the end, that they had stopped appearing in the same place at the same time. The actor stayed close to his boss as his ex-husband seemed to sink to the ground.

She was said to have disturbed her relationship with all former colleagues except Alex Raeva. It was even said that Ignatova had suffered a severe mental crisis because she was alone, without work and without money. It was confirmed that the Halvadjian clan was distanced from it, as before "mistress of the sky" did not appear once in the congregation "Drops" – unlike any other stars in Nova TV programs.

However, in opening the exhibition, it became clear that Maria has already overcome her problems. At least she looked beautiful and happy. The same is true of her old half brother Dimitar Rachkov. The smile didn't come off her face by night. And although he showed little of his intimacy to his former yellow favorite, the people in the gallery suspected that they had come together again.

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