Monday , March 1 2021

Tesla American starter started with the first electric option – Technology

The United States star, Rivian Automotive, led by ex-operators McLaren and Harley-Davidson, introduced his first model – the R1T electric option. The SUV, which will start production in 2020, will be valued at $ 61,500. Given the popularity of ocean collection trucks, R1T has very serious potential as it offers a very strong power and great miles for a price that is not so high.

Rivian R1T is higher than the Mercedes-Benz Class X: the electric pickup is 135 mm longer and is 95 mm wider, with a wheelchair 75 mm shorter than a # 39; Class X (3075 versus 3150 mm). With a clear 360 mm and a 1 meter draft depth, the R1T Rivian promises serious qualities off the road. A guarantee for this is also an approach angle and exit 34 and 30 degrees respectively.

A unique feature of the Rivian collection is the 350 liter rac, which is located between the cabin and the cargo rack. One more rack is open at the location where the engine has locked normally under the boned. Its volume is 330 liters. The load capacity of the 800 kg model, and weighing up to 3500 kg can be removed.

And now let's pay attention to the most important parameters for an electric vehicle. It is driven by four electric motors, with a total power of 760km. and 1120 Nm or torque in its most powerful version (147 kW per wheel). The final refining is absolutely necessary as the R1T Rivian is available in three versions: 300 kW (560 Nm), 562 kW and 522 kW. Curiously, the highest power version is not powered by the most powerful battery. And they are three, their ability is 103, 135 and 180 kWh respectively. With these parameters, the pickup will accelerate from 0 to 96 km / h for 4.9, 3.2 and 3.2 seconds respectively, and the maximum speed of the three versions will be 160 km / h. Most importantly is the fact that the most lithium-ion battery will offer miles of up to 640 km, with the least – about 400 km.

To protect the lithium-ion battery pack, the pickup floor is reinforced with kevlar and carbon. R1T relies on the prevention of suitable pneumatic prevention.

The model is produced in the old Mitsubishi Motors plant in Norman, Illinois. Last year it was bought for $ 16 million. The plant's own potential is serious – 350,000 cars per year, but the Rivian plans are quite moderate: 50-60,000 collections per year by 2025

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