Monday , November 30 2020

Teddy's beauty collects the legacy of the sudden BBB creature – BLITS Juices

On February 20, it became clear the tragic news that died and the businessman of Plamen Minchev, who is creating a BBB juice brand. He died at the winter resort "Borovets", and the disaster happened when skiing.

A little later Blitz announced new revelations about the business's sudden death of Minchev.

Information came out to that Barriers are among the main reasons that lead to the sudden death of Plamen Minchev.

Now it is clear who will share the huge legacy of the business.

The media reminds us of that BBB juice cream was married to Michelle Pfeiffer Bulgarian.

During my life, Minchev had two daughters and two daughters. The founder of the company for natural BBB juice was married to actor Evelina Borisova, who played in the Seven Difference series. But they divorced in 2000. The reason for their separation was the 17-year-old model, Emilia Kushvayeva.

The last wife in his life was Russia, but she was not married.

That is why the same girl does not have the right to the legacy of the business, but he has both daughters. The legacy of both Minkev lives in the United States.

He knew that one of them would get the villa of the businessman in Naples. Still, it is still unclear whether the business business in the United States would have received its daughters.


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