Thursday , August 18 2022

Swan on Air: Hotels of the name Koritarov "Albertovich", the man screaming: Out! Out! Upset! Communist! (VIDEO)


"Outside here, there's what you say about me! With these words, journalist Georgi Koritarov tried to drive Ivan Genov away today from his show t TV Europe TV, writing

Ivan Genov – former MP and member of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), and founder of the left-wing party "The Bulgarian Left", has too exotic political issues.

Koritarov had invited Genov in his capacity as ex-ambassador of Bulgaria to Kazakhstan.

Ivan Genov, a former Member of Parliament and member of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), and founder of the left-wing party "The Bulgarian Left", has very exotic political issues, but Koritarov is the last to suspect. I don't know. Moreover, Genov has not arrived in self-operation in the studio but has been invited by a Free Zone presenter.

The reason for the scandal today between the two was the criticism of the left-wing politician that Koritarov's introductory comment was "anti-socialist opposition".

"Some days ago, Simeon Saxe-Coburg Gotha was saying that it was staggering that they did not put the great value of Boris III as a savior to the Jews, as if by Boris III not to do with & # 39 the exile from Facedonia and Thrace. And the BSP was quiet! Why does the BSP not respond? What's this?"- replied Koritarov.

Twhat Simeon speaks is at his expense – answered Ivan Genov.

Why is the BSP quiet? Why did the BSP not protect Bulgaria anti-fascists? – repeated several times your questions Koritarov – Are you not ashamed that your ex-party does not defend anti-fascism?

I am ashamed of the leaders of such as you, Mr. Koritarov, "Genov replied. T

Well, pick up your bags! And out! Out! "The governor broke Free Zone.

Genov then called him George Albertovich.

Georgi Albertovic, and Albert is not my nickname, "said Koritarov. After a few minutes of refinement, the BSP described as" a dirty communist party, bottom ".

Mr Koritarov, you only compromise Europe's TV, the left politician.

– Get out of this, that's it! Combining Europe's TV! Communist! The man wanted to keep the agreement in force with the Soviet Union … "said the leader.

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