Tuesday , August 9 2022

Sunday horror: The odd death has reached three, the fourth in coma is Burgas!


The day before the Greeting was one of the darkest ones for the Bourgas region. With strange circumstances, four people who were previously in excellent health were found in helplessness in four different locations in the region, wrote Flagman.

Approximately 1: 20 hours a signal was received at the MHAT-Tsarevo Emergency Aid. A 57-year-old man living on Yuri Gagarin Street said he had found his beloved wife, Olga, dead at home. The local resident Ivan I. lived with Olga T. 48 years old – of Ukrainian origin, married for several years, with great love among them. Until the ambulance came, she was still breathing. Traces of violence were not found on her body, Olga's body went to an autopsy.

At 9:15 am in the morning in the Ministry of Internal Directorate reached a report on the body of a man found on the 8th floor in block 27, entrance 4, "Slaveikov". The body of the man was shocked at the back of the metal school which led to the attic. There was a broom and a winter hat beside him, without identification papers. It was found that this was Petko P.'s body, who lived in the same entrance, but in a flat on the 3rd floor. He was 82 years old, but his neighbors know him as a healthy and active man. It was just he did not have links to his relatives. The same morning rose early to clean the attic. It may have been affected by a huge heart attack. The reasons for his death are in the process of being clarified.

Today, colleagues of one of Lukoil's best workers – Neftochim, are worried about the news that he has gone. On Saturday, Georgi G. 51 was not appearing at the refinery. He gave the phone a free hand. About 16 hours on Saturday, MOD officials and colleagues went to the front door of his flat in block 45 in the quarter. "Slaveikov" where the employee lived for rent. They found him sitting on his sofa in the living room, in front of a TV that worked. He seems to have died, not knowing that he is dying.

The fourth case comes from the village of Bilka in Rousse. Again on Sunday, at 18:40 in the center of the village, a body was seen, lying almost in the center of the square. Suleiman S. 41 was recognized by people immediately – resident. He was still breathing, but he had a huge cut of the skull. Carefully it was taken in an ambulance and accommodated in the intensive sector in the neurological ward at UMHAT – Burgas. In a coma, his life is in real danger.

The publication has no data on how Suleiman has fallen into death dirts that rescuers are trying to pour.

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