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Stefan Ilchev, Tita, Maria Ilieva and Milko Kalaidzhiev are the finalists in "Two drops of water" – Topics in Development t


Q Tefan Ilchev, TITA, Maria Ilieva and Milko Kalaidjiev are the finalists in the seventh season "As two drops of water". The four stars won the first semi-finals of the unique transformation show and on 27 May they will face the most important season. During the expected final, each of them will bet on a particular image to win audience support. Traditionally, viewers will see other actors in unexpected duets combining talents and emblem images.

Stefan Ilchev, Tita, Maria Ilieva and Milko Kalaidzhiev are the finalists in "Like two drops of water"

Cult pieces, dances and opera performances have prompted participants to show a new country of amplitude at night. The winner of the twelfth night of simulation was Desi Dobreva, who fulfilled her childhood dream with Montserrat Kabaye's image and performance in the company of opera singer Boris Lukov. Katya joined the semi-final jury of the duo "Riton", who shared her admiration for the participants.

"You were real FG tonight!" Funky said after performing Papi Hans as MC Hammer, who repeated the singer's footprint.

Freedom and dozens of movements in a rough plot were part of Petya Bujiklieva's performance like Areta Franklin.

Stefan Ilchev raised the image of Emil Dimitrov, causing tears in the eyes of Niki Aprilov and Dancho Karadjov, who were among the special guests in the audience.

Tita transformed into sexy Nicole Scherzinger, but with an unusual performance for the singer's song by the musical "The Phantom of the Opera".

After being transformed into the voice of the Signal band, Milko Kalaidjiev received a special gift from Dancho Karadjov, who gave him the first record of the band with a 40-year history.

The first single of Charisma was the stage challenge for Maria Ilieva, who was congratulated on quality and imitated the two performers.

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