Thursday , May 6 2021

Sports and Business: Premier League – football league for 10 billion euros

More about the subject

More about the subject

Against a backdrop of strong international interest, the English Premier League has achieved innovative television revenues. For the last three-year period (2019/20 to 2021/22), the English League will generate revenue of 9.2 billion pounds (around 10.5 billion euros) t reports the largest financial and economic position in Bulgaria

This is an 8% increase over the previous period. Each year, 20 Premier League clubs receive 3.5 billion euros. The engine is marketed overseas, with revenues of 4.2 billion pounds (4.8 billion euros) reporting a 35% growth, says interim manager of Premier League Richard Masters during an event in the Financial Times in London t .

UK TV rights were originally sold for £ 4.46 billion after BSkyB and BT bought five out of seven duel broadcasting packages last February. Following this, Sky Sports took one of the packages and Amazon won the right to broadcast 20 rounds of intermediate rounds, bringing the total of 5 billion pounds.

The amount of the domestic market is still lower than the GBP 5.4 billion paid by BSkyB and BT for the previous 3 year period (2016-2019). This is considered a surprise after TV games in England increased from 168 to 200. Unlike other championships, such as the Bundesliga and the first Bulgarian Professional Alliance, the Premier League does not provide all of its 380 t direct broadcast games.

The masters announced that international rights outweighed the decline in television rights in the UK. TVs outside the UK wishing to broadcast the English championship pay 30% more than the 2016-2019 period (then 3.1 billion pounds were paid).

For comparison: The Bundesliga with its 18 clubs receives (contracts run until 2020/21) 1.17 billion a year (including second league). Currently there are revenue from overseas rights about € 242 million for the season.

Therefore, around 1.4 billion euros are available to German clubs each term against € 3.5 billion for the Premier League. Next year, the German Football League plans to sell media rights for the four seasons from 2021 onwards.

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