Thursday , October 6 2022

Southgate was named Bournemouth assault for the national team


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Khalid Wilson, a 26-year-old Bournemouth assault, who has won six Premier League goals since the start of the season, has received the first call for the English national team. Gareth Southgate, co-founder, joined him in the control team with the US and the League of Nations against Croatia.

Wayne Rooney will play her 120th "Three Leions" game. He will take part in the investigation against the United States, and will be in his bona fide.

"Malcolm is an attacker with whom we have worked short to under 21, so we know a lot about it, he has taken part or scored a lot of goals this season, so this is a good opportunity for me look at it and see how it fits with what we do to feel high-level, "said Gareth Southgate.

"There was a constant debate since Wayne retired, and he had to pay tribute to him and his career in England." The talks started 12 months ago, and I was very pleased that Boniface would be in front of the World Cup, but Wayne did not want to draw attention to the team. at the time, so now we have the opportunity to thank him, "added the breeder.

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