Thursday , January 27 2022

SoftBank will make an IPO in its mobile unit ::


SoftBank will make an IPO on its mobile unit

Photo: Reuters

Today, the Tokyo Stock Exchange has approved the list of shares of the mobile phone section of the huge SoftBank group on December 19, DPA reported. This could be one of the world's largest IPOs, quoted by the BTA German agency.

The mobile unit, of the name Softbank Corp, will sell 1.6 billion shares at a price of 1,500 yen (13 dollars) per share, the Softbank Group said in a report that expected to receive over 2.4 trillion yen.

I would like to use IPO funds for additional investment in the Vision Fund and to pay off our debts, says Chief Executive Massayoshi Son, at a news conference last week, referring to the Saudi $ 100 billion fund.

The son said that Vision would continue to take action despite the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Kashogi in early October.

The son condemned the murder and said he had visited Saudi Arabia and met the Crown Crown Crown Mohammed bin Salman and other government officials by calling them to "get to the bottom" of the murder .

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