Sunday , December 5 2021

Sing 4000 with Misho Belchev at the National Culture Palace – Music


Mikhail Belchev celebrated 50 years on stage with a unique concert at the one National Palace Palace house. 4,000 viewers, including Lieutenant President Iliyana Yotova, Dimitar Glavchev and Rumen Petkov, the Bulgarian poet and sing with him and his guests – pop stars and rock from several generations. Many of the mega-chitches found that Michelle's colleagues and friends took over the stormy glories in his poems. This was also one of the great messages of the spectacular scenery – the pedestrians reiterated to the authors of the words and compositions that will never last in the history of the native pop culture. This is one of the personal cases and trips of Mikhail Belchev, who have served in the temple of national values. Everyone said that the only person and artist with nobel and Misho's wisdom would be the soul and engine of such an impressive and exhilarating event that encoded the respect for the talent of the other – far from any mood of unhealthy competition. Not all the coincidence that Mišo's guests said to him was from the heart, and the younger ones came off before him, and Toni Dimitrova told him "the word wizard." The Maestro sang some of his greatest hits, among the Sofia anthem "Boulevard", "Youtube goes," "Do not grow old, love." Then an excellent quartet was made with three guitars of perfect performers – Valery Gradinarsky, Dr. Georgi Denkov and Assen Maslarski – for songs of early youth with both of them. He told them how they traveled around Bulgaria for unexpected shows and concerts. Misho returned to his interesting career, when in 1968 he began to become more and more famous performing songs on his own work and with notes from Naiden Andreev, who was a co-worker at the Institute of Mining and Geology and celebrities in the local "Bees" rock band. A unique duet was held under the lights – Mikhail and Konstantin Belchevi sang "We can get a lot of women" by Naiden Andreev and Stefan Tsanev. Kosyo is a great and artistic partner of a famous father, and later comes out with a band with Akaz Agassjan and with the special participation of Stundji. Kristina Belcheva did not receive any approval from her men. The actress raised a beautiful voice about the host and took the audience's wits. He reports poems from Misho Belchev and his colleague Silvia Lulcheva, and then takes the microphone to fill their ordinary pants with her husband, expected by musical wills for the heart every time. Among them, of course, was the song where Misho Belchev tells how he met young and beautiful young Christina on a New Year in Sofia. Her first wife, Agassjan Hag, devoted her to celebrate 31 years of marriage, and the second Belchevi, she and her wife are married to their church marriage. Stefan Dimitrov, who created the music of dozens of the biggest Urdd Mischiefs, mono glasses in his favorite French style. Bogdana Karadocheva joined him for "I do not care for him" – the spouse for decades is also the friends of the Belchevi family: "I'm the longest with Misho from all over here, we're together," he said. # 39; the composer. The people were hosted and sent Vasil Naydenov, Silvia Katsarova, Yordan Karadzhov, Toni Dimitrova, Stefan Diomov and Five Seasons, Nelly Rangelova, Ilija Angelov, Kamelia Todorova, Milica Bozhinova, Etienne Levy a Trick, Gina Ivanova, Bogdan Tomov, Kiril Kalev and the company Nasko Penev of BTR … The three Gramophone congratulated the "Cherkasov" art academy graduates at St Petersburg Belchev with "Your Lordship, Mrs. Udacha." Vlado Penev made something unexpected and fantastic – "Impale" in Kpactiyan Buyadzhieva and Misho's ctixo. A little while ago this was the last earthly statement of Jocelo Pocic. The Bard finished with "B Polymie" in the stage of Cepan Dimitpov – one of palades of wonderful words and philosophy. In the 4000 final they reach their feet to sing with Veselin Marinov "To You, Bulgaria" – the unofficial anthem of other Misho verses with unexplained Toncho Russev music. The big show was directed by Niki Aprilov. On a huge video wall, magnificent clips that "tied" plotted on the scene and their characters.

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