Thursday , August 18 2022

Shock: Connor McGregor is retiring


Former UFC champion Connor McGregor has announced his release of mixed martial arts.

The Irish 30-year-old announced his decision on social networks and wrote: "I wish my colleagues success in the future."

McGregor's last game was a loss by Hibib Nurmagomedov in October 2018. Then he won the Dagger in the fourth round.

The game was the first match for Connor after a two minute break and then he was punished by both of them due to an octagonal conflict after the end of the game.

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After his first appearance in 2007, McGregor proved to be one of the best MMA fighters and was among the most keen competitors.

At the height of his career he established a boxing legend, Floyd Mayweather, which brought him $ 30 million. Mayweather then beat him in the 10th round.

Earlier this month, Connor was arrested in Miami after he broke a fan who was filming him.

He finished his career with 21 wins and four losses.

Photo: Getty Images / Guliver Photos

But this is not the first time he has finished his career. In April 2016, he wrote something similar, but then noted that the response was due to disputes with the headteachers.

Dana White, UFC Chief Executive said: “There is money to retire, if I was in place, I would do the same, refrain from fighting, not the job, the whiskey will keep it; busy and sure that it will work on other things.

It was interesting to watch and achieve amazing things in the sport. I'm proud of it and I want to see it successfully outside of the octagon. "

McGregor's decision comes after discussions with UFC about a possible battle in July.

Supporters' responses show that they do not believe in its final decision.

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