Thursday , August 18 2022

Shaban's worship – screaming and smiling dead! (Photographs / LIFE) – OBJECT


Belgrade Borough Council started gathering friends and relatives of reports killed by Shaban Shaulic, Serbian Blic reports.

At 11am local time the pilgrimage began to the King of Serbian Music.

Today is the most difficult day for the family of Shaulic and all the great artists in Serbia who have enjoyed the talent of the artist. We remind him that he died on February 17, after a drunk driver without a license caused a large accident on a highway near the town of German Dortmund.

Shaban's body was until yesterday in Germany, and then was transported to a neighboring neighbor. Already 10 hours before the Council begins to collect the singer's relatives, who wants the last to pay tribute to him.

All members of the family are on the pilgrimage, and his grandson, Luke Adjic, came from Belgium. The announcement claims that Shaban's house has stunning views. Shaulic's relatives screamed as they gathered and then went to worship each other.

Zorka Brunclick, Kemis, Rade Jorovic, Diana Paunovich, Snake Babic, Ben Ruszic came to the sad event, and Ilda Saulic's daughter was visually shaken.

Shaban will be buried at 15:00 locally at the New Burial Promenade in Belgrade

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