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Sensation in Blitz! A flight from Moscow to the meeting with Putin turns deadly for Iliya Pavlov! – BLISTER

The head of the Empire Multigroup, Iliya Pavlov, could still be alive if he did not return urgently from Moscow to Sofia on March 1, 2003 to take part in the meeting of President Parvanov with Russian counterparts, Vladimir Putin . This has revealed BLITS sources from security agencies that are aware of the situation.

However, Pavlov hurried to return to the capital to see Putin's eyes.

It was very little remembered that Pavlov and "Multigroup" companies then put a financial arm to the "friendship concert" held at the Putin Honors National Palace of Culture. Photographers seize how Pavlov presents a picture of the Russian state's head at the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral under Stoyan Denchev's friendly watch.

At the time, Iliya Pavlov is already in the site in the Polish magazine Впрост with 1.3 billion dollars. After him there is even head of "Lukoil" Vagit Alekperov.

On March 4, 2003, Putin was flying to Russia, and the events for Pavlov were developing at constant pace.

Only two days later the head of Multigroup appeared in the courtroom of the Sofia City Court in his capacity as a witness in the case of the murder of Andrei Lukanov.

The archives have sealed its replicas of cult: "Andrei Karlovic, knows I'm still driving the train," and one version still recognizes him as a shooting guarantor before the First Minister.

On March 7, 2003, Pavlov could not suspect he was sipping his last life shades.

That day Her guardians take it from Bistritsa Residence, where she lives and takes her to the office of the GMDimitrov Blvd.

The day has been crowded with a number of meetings, one of which goes to Nikolay Valkanov to Totleben Blvd.

He recruits at MG late in the afternoon, and at 19.10 he walked slowly to leave the building, and then calls his wife Darina.

Some of her guards are a few feet away from him, while others are waiting for him in his armored limousine and jeep with each other, Mercedes.

A sudden demonstration as if it were in any way interfere with the last talk of Pavlov, who stood in the last three stages of the building. The guards hear the boss's heavy sigh before seeing how they break down at their feet. Many put it in the back and headed to Pirogov.

Later, because the results of the autopsy later show that Pavlov has died a few minutes after the bullet breaks its heart.

A day after shooting the head of "Multigroup" was shot in Sofia by Moldovan Stepan Ribakov. This raises doubts that he could be a physical lawyer of Paul, and that his death attempts to eliminate the warranty's path. After that, Ribakov's murder was captured and sentenced by Serafim Antonov-Fikata, but later he was abolished.

The usual murder of Pavlov remains an unacceptable position for offenders to this day and is likely to continue to cause suspicions and speculation.


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