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Russia: "They say they are on the moon. We will check News and analyzes on international topics DW

The announcement was made by Russian space agency Dmitry Rogozin: one of Russia's missionaries of Russia after 2030 planned to check if the Americans were really on the moon in 1969: "We have set up such a task – i go to check if they were there or not, they say they are, we'll check. "

He answered Rogozin to a question asked by a correspondent the impression that the head of Roscosmos was provoking. But in Russia, there were still doubts about the NASA Apollo-11 mission. The Soviet Union left its Moon inspection program in the early 1970's after four feeding experimental missiles.

Now, Russia intends to send cosmonauts to the moon after 2030 to stay there for two weeks. According to Rogozin, no country itself can run a program of voyages to the moon, and noted that Russia hopes to cooperate with the US, Europe and China. Last year Russia agreed to work with NASA on the Orbital Station project around the Earth's natural satellite of the "Deep Space Gateway".

Why are there doubts?

In mid-July 1969, half a billion people watched the Earth live on television as Neal Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin's astronauts stepped on the moon while the Michael Collins spokesman stops in the capsule. Almost no one argues the integrity of black and white cadres, including the Soviet Union.

In the 1970s, American Bill Caching, however, published his book, "We Never Been on the Moon: US $ 30 Billion Scam." Even today, this is the main argument of everyone who believes that the landing of the moon in 1969 is a huge blow in a secret television studio. Stanley Kubrick, staged by his director, released his "2001 – Odyssey in the Cosmos" film in 1968. The assistant was the American president Richard Nixon, who took the pictures at the Norton Air Force Center in San Bernardino.

The Russian space agency intends to send its mission to the moon

The Russian space agency intends to send its mission to the moon

In the first instance, the Kaysing book was mainly fierce and fake, but in the 1970s, many Americans began not to accept what the government did not say in particular – especially after the Watergate issue. In addition, in his work, Kaysing also gives questions that seem very meaningful: Why are lunar pictures so good as if they were made by professional photographers? Why stars can not be seen anywhere in the air? And why does the US flag, lying on the face of the Moon, wander, though there is no atmosphere?

Kaysing explanations

The author of the work offers his explanations for everything. On the argument that hundreds of thousands of Americans have seen with their eyes and the launch of Apollo 11 in their place and place, he explains how his course has been changed and has landed in Antarctica after the missile slippery. Then the astronauts stayed for a few days, then they made a military aircraft going to Ocean Ocean, where they were raised by a carrier.

The astronauts themselves responded particularly flawed to allegations that they were actors in great fraud. One of the long-awaited episodes is Edwin, "Buzz", Aldrin, to compressor Bart Siblel's correspondent, and in September 2002, he asked the Bible sweeping stalls that he was on the Moon and & # 39; I call "coward" to "liar". Aldrin, then 73, drew a 35-year-old correspondent with a fist.

Bill Kaysing died in April 2005 at the age of 82. But until its last moment, he continued to believe in his theory of the mocking American landing on the moon.

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