Thursday , June 30 2022

Retribution: A terrible death to the casual apache that attacked Mira Dobreva at home! – Blitz


The thief died, who made Mira Dobreva at home and a dozen of his neighbors. Apath Dimitar died with the Shakata war attack after collapsing from a fourth cooperative floor in Sofia, where he was going to steal again. This reveals Copies quoted by Telegraph. The incident came with the thief after a month after the strike at Mira Dobreva's house and to the neighbor Emona Karagyozova.

Blitz informed the dramatic event in mid-August this year when the eyesight released pictures on the net.

They told them how there was a strange man with a figure of refugees climbing the balconies, but he held a hidden rack and spreading from the top. But then he did not know who the apache was.

The leading and young young people, who have been located in a complex in Iztok, were built up at the end of July. The cameras caught the bandit, but its face is not visible as he wore a black towel, reaching his eyes, Telegraph wrote.

Emona was the first to hit Shakata. According to her, the apache came in for about 3:30 p.m. and came with personal belongings. About $ 1,000 to Jewelry. Only 10 minutes later the thief attacked Dobreva's home. Both slept deep and did not feel the raids.

Shakata's feature was that he climbed like bushes on the facades and buildings, acting very quickly, and did not make the camera cameras shoot. The video recordings also pointed out some of them to mention, stance, bias that led to the copies, so there was doubt in the circle.

About me after the blow of Myra Dobreva, Shakata decided to raise another designated apartment in a new cooperative in Suhata Reka. Having dressed in black clothes and again with a towel across his face, climbing to the 4th floor. Taken as obstacles to the terrace, but two of them break and fall on the pavement. The event was recorded on August 15 at night.

Aliens saw the block of the apache to hide lying on the ground and immediately warned the police, shooting the thief in the meantime and put it on the face. Shakata did not go out of the road when he hit the ground, but he went into a coma, doctors explained. He was taken to a hospital where he lived for almost a month, and he died in September. When looking for homes in which he has lived, criminals have found a lot of property for victims, including the neighbors of Mira Dobreva. They also arrived at the pawnshop, where they put gold and antique games he had raised.

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