Thursday , December 3 2020

Rachev's infectant attracted her memories and set March forecasts with a frequency of 50ºC – BLITZ

Two days of cold do not mean that winter has returned. Here's what Professor Georgi Rachev said in the climate. He noted that winter over a week ago.

In Bulgaria, it will be scared because the dogs are cold and snow, smooth the country! (MAP)

"Today and Orange will be terrible cold, it will be a typical winter. This does not mean that winter is returning. These collections are usually a priority for people who like to do things & "Well," said Professor Rachev, quoted by Focus.

According to him, there will be ice and it will be very cold.

"Especially today, the temperature of the morning in many places is in order of a minimum 6, minus 8, less than 10 degrees. Tomorrow the sun may be in some isolated locations lower. This does not mean that winter has come, because the afternoon temperature in the afternoon tomorrow will increase significantly. They will be positive and by Thursday, we expect normal time for the end of February, even a little warmer than usual, "said the climate.

Professor Georgi Rachev noted that there were months of contrast in February and March. The climatist gave an example on March 1 last year.

"On March 1," we died "cold. Almost all Bulgaria recorded about negative negative temperatures i. On 1 March in Sofia – only 17 degrees in Knezha – less 25 degrees. Instead of people remembering 30th March last year, not 100 years ago when Bulgaria had more than 22 degrees and had reached 24 degrees in Ruse in Veliko Tarnovo, "explained Professor Rachev .

What time and days will see in the BLIT rubric where we'll tell you in real time about the climatic conditions in the country

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