Monday , September 26 2022

Put the steam in the capital gradually


Oh today start the start of heating in the capital. This was announced by Toplofikacia Sofia.

The start of the heating season in Plovdiv has already been given.

The heating season starts three consecutive days with a daily average temperature of less than + 12 degrees, and forecast for permanent cold.

O rfory, they will start to heat in Sofia gradually

O rfory, they will start to heat in Sofia gradually

First of all in nurses, educational and health facilities

The steam will be released first in nursery schools, educational and health facilities. Here are residential buildings in each area, as well as administrative and commercial buildings.

Toplofikatsia Sofia is a reminder, before starting the steam, that customers have to complete all repairs on the internal heating network and to fill out the plants that have drained.

The radiator valves must be open to the best that no further download is needed.

It needs to be Electronic equipment has been checked for private distribution. If their display is extinguished, subscribers should request the help of their heat registrar immediately.

They slowly release the heat in Plovdiv

They slowly release the heat in Plovdiv

Priority is given to nursery schools, schools and hospitals

Customers who wish to include the heating in the building can later apply to the heating area together with the decision of the general condominium meeting.

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