Wednesday , March 3 2021

Prohibition of EU pesticides, bees bees in Bulgaria – News from Bulgaria

Honey production on average this year has dropped by around 60%. This was announced at the "Before All" show on BNR Nikolay Kumenov – President of the Bulgarian Federation of Beekeepers. As a reason for the serious downturn, the long rainfall noted during the year.

"We've exported about 12-15,000 tons of honey, we will now get around 7-8,000 tons."

Kumanov also noted that bee mortality has increased dramatically. In his words, this has happened due to the use of banned pesticides in the EU.

However, beekeepers have not received State support under the de minimis scheme, which applies in an unfavorable year.

"The Minister of Agriculture has justified the fact that NVS has enrolled very few deaths. Data differences are from the fact that some beekeepers do not record any death of a bee family because of bureaucracy ", Kumanov explained.

A protest statement of beekeepers has requested to pay a "beekeeper" fee for all registered bee families – 60 euro per annum to receive in the sector. According to him, at European level, the offer has an opportunity.

The statement also includes an application for unregulated crops offending. Beekeepers demand and monitor the illegal import of banned pesticides in Bulgaria:

"The beekeeper does not doubt that someone has ever treated something of it – he takes his honey, goes to sell, and at some point there is a # 39 ; it turns out that such pesticides are in honey. Then the copper does not have to do ".

A national bee protest has scheduled for December 10.


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