Thursday , June 30 2022

Professor Baltov: What’s happening with the vaccines against COVID-19 is revolutionary – Topics in development


“What’s happening with the COVID-19 vaccines is revolutionary. We are witnessing how, literally less than a year, something we didn’t think was possible at the beginning, ie if there are vaccines, at the end of it this year it will be and they will start being given early next year. ”This was noted by the director of“ Pirogov ”Professor Asen Baltov in the“ Sunday of NOVA ”studio.

“We need to have really good logistics, because there are three types of vaccines. What comes first is called RNA Vaccines. Then comes the vector, and after them – the third type, the so-called vaccines. weakened, “Baltov added.

“We very much hope that the first vaccines will come at the end of the year. Awaiting the decision of the European Medicines Agency.” After a very serious critical review of the information gathered, as soon as they say ‘yes’ ‘, there will be a willingness for these vaccines to be distributed simultaneously in all countries, “said Asen Baltov.

He also announced that Pirogov is also ready to store and administer vaccines.

“The vaccine that comes first is extremely innovative and people are highly targeted and tested. Such RNA extraction started in 2014. It will suit everyone, but most of all, it will matter vaccinate people in the first place. I think it will be very suitable for them “, said Baltov.

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