Friday , January 22 2021

Producer revealed all the truth about the end of "Lords" – Curious – News about lifestyle, style, diet, fashion

Judy Halvadjian, producer of "Lord of the Air" has argued that its broadcast will continue to be broadcast in one form or another, no matter how uncomfortable it is for some politicians.

This is what he wrote in his social network account:

"16 years ago, we created Lords of the Air, 16 years of truth, the country's 16 years for those in need, and we helped many people, who have been forgotten by the t Pushing from politicians, today we are very embarrassed to the same politicians, but will continue in one form or another regardless of the wishes of some people !!! Happy Birthday, Lords of Justice !! !! "

After the Nova television transmission contract ended at the end of 2018, it did not resume. Rockets in media leadership have slowed down the process, and in the meantime Halvadjian has announced that he is discussing with everyone who wants to broadcast "Lords of the Air".


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