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Police officers are looking for witnesses to the murder on the Plovdiv-Sofia train


Law enforcement officers are looking for traffic witnesses on the Plovdiv-Sofia train, in the Vakarel area, where A knife was stabbed by a 50 year old man. The man died in the ambulance on the way to a health facility.

All 120 passengers were by train in a different composition. This is why the police do not have enough evidence to help explain the cases and circumstances that led to the man's murder.

The initial data is that one of the two detained is injured by the victim after an allegation.
The cause of the provocation and murder may be a causesent by the man killed, BNR writes.

Both of them found the knife committed to the murder.

They stabbed a man on the Plovdiv-Sofia train

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They stabbed a man on the Plovdiv-Sofia train

The victim died on the way to hospital

We remember, the authorities had two men and women who were prosecuted criminally.
They try to escape from the scene of the crime.

It has not yet established how the scandal has started and who has made the deadly shot.

Director of the Ministry of Interior of the Interior Ministry of Sofia, Commissioner Nikolay Spasov, said that many actions were being taken to explain the circumstances that are about the serious criminal act.

"In this regard, I would like to ask all the passengers by train, unidentified by the police and have evidence of this serious crime, please contact the nearest MoI division or phone 112 to provide additional information"and called copper.

In the words of the trailer, the person who is detained is likely to be an offense. "The 38-year-old, convicted to a crime, explained a 47-year-old woman," he said.

Man and woman arrested for the murder on the train

Man and woman arrested for the murder on the train

The police ask for help from train passengers

Initial evidence is early this morning workers at the Vakarel station see a person who drops from the Plovdiv-Sofia train and falls straight on the platform.
At the same time, two travelers are trying to escape. Minutes after they tried to escape, the police kept them.

"I noticed a man lying on the stage, and gathering people from the room – the head of the train and the other, including the police, I do not have an idea when, so I heard people accidentally Others who pass passengers have escaped, "said Naiden Georgiev, who owns a restaurant in the area.

In front of the public radio, the spokesman for Emergency Care at San Anna Hospital, Katya Sungarska, said A 50-year-old man from hemorrhage died for 8.33 hours. He was in the ambulance, literally measuring the hospital.

The signal was accepted at 8:07 and the doctors arrived at 8:23. Although they managed to go away from Vakarel to Sofia in just 10 minutes, their efforts were proven to be vain.

International Speed ​​Train No. 494 from Istanbul to Plovdiv for Sofia is staying at the Vakarel Station for 08:01 The inspection and investigative steps are carried out in the constitution, which prevent the train from continuing with & It's a trip. A timely travel booking system was established for all 120 passengers by being redirected and accommodated at the next pass train. The fast train в "- в" – 1620 from Plovdiv to Sofia departs from the Vakarel station at 09:12, informing the Bulgarian National Television.

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