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Pity! Slovenia and second classists lost (VIDEO)


Bulgaria's 1: 1 national team finished with Slovenia guests in their final group 3 game in League C League of Nations. The "Lions" to the Ivanov (68) and Miha Zaitz (75) reserve led to the equals that formed the final result. So the "tricolors" stayed second in the last 2 points behind Norway, who won their 2-0 team on their visit to Cyprus.

Prior to the game, the Bulgarian Football Union remembered a 25-year video material from Parc de Presidente – 2: 1 against France, which was celebrated two days ago. The Youth and Sport Minister Krasen Kralev is watching the important game in the company of Borislav Mihaylov BFR President.

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Our first half-national national team played quite good but did not succeed in making any of their positions in front of the opponent's door. The first shot was Ivelin Popov in the 8th minute, but Belets was saved without a problem. Two minutes later, Verbich of the guests made a big pass after a sudden fall of Deficiency was found but he sent the ball away from the door.

In the 15 minutes Kostov lost a good chance, throwing the ball over the door after the hand of Anton Nedyalkov. There were similar records with a lot of battle for the first ball on the field. In the 33 minutes, Kostov broke apart and kicked strongly, but again over the Belets door. Kostadinov followed a good break that led to a corner only.

In the second part, our national team continued to look for an active goal to give them hope of victory. In the 50 minutes, Ivelin Popov hit his head after concentrating on the right but sent the ball into the hands of the Belets. A few minutes later, the guests passed to Ilichic, who shot over the Petkov door.

The "tricolors" attempts were rewarded in the 68 minutes when Bozhikov Strahil Popov, headed by the right and recorded as the back of Galvan Ivanov with a head at 1: 0. At this point, two other teams needed to be # 39 ; The national team finished first in the group, while at the same time led Norway 2-0 in Cyprus.

The visitors, however, had repaired quickly and Miha Zaitz equals the 75 minute minute for 1: 1 with an average drawing. This is the first shot for Slovenians in the game.

At the end, our nationalists had a few opportunities to overcome Belets, but he was saving all the shots to his door. In turn, the guests were also given the opportunity to reach the victory in the extra time, but Petkov reflected the urgency of those who did not fight against him.

1: 0 Galin Ivanov (68), 1: 1 Miha Zaitz (75)


BulgariaBulgaria: 1.Georgi Petkov, 15.Vasil Bojikov, 14.Anton Nedyalkov, 5.Nikolai Bodurov, 2.Strachil Popov , 7.Georgi Kostadinov, 6.Simeon Slavchev, 10.Ivelin Popov, 17.Stanislav Kostov (5819.Radoslav Vasilev), 9.Spas Delev (713. Petar Zanev), 22. Nikolay Dimitrov-Hitcho (6318. Galin Ivanov )
Reserves: 13.Blagoy Makenjiev, 23.Dimitar Evtimov, 3.Petar Zanev, 21.Kamen Hadjiev, 4.Bogidar Chorbadzhiyski, 11.Ivan Bandalovski, 16. Kristian Malinov, 20.Martin Raynov, 18.Galin Ivanov, 19.Radoslav Vasilev , 16. Svetoslav Kovachev
Selector: Petar Hubchev

SloveniaSlovenia: 1. Be Belets, 14. Disability Structure, 13.Myha Blajic, 17.Myha Mevlya, 2. Neck Skubitz, 6. Rayko Rothman, 21.Benyamin Verbich, 8.Amir Dervishevich (579.Jay Bieol), 7. Yosip Ilichic, 14Miha Zaitz , 11. Roman Somal
Reserves: 12.Matit Kotnik, 16.Grega Sorkan, 3.Europe Balkovec, 22.Luca Krajz, 22.Petar Stojanovic, 20.Vanchash Pjek, 9.Jia Bielol, 22.Leo Stulac, 18.Luka Zahovitz, 20.Robert Berich
Breeder: Igor Benadevichic

Stadium: "Vasil Levski", Sofia

Judge: Hussein Gocek (Turkey)

The most interesting of the meeting:
1 – Starting the game.
4 – Our national team established the objector's field.
8 – Ivelin Popov made the first shot but immediately in the hands of the Belets goalkeeper.
11 – Hazardous concentration of Bezak in the penalty area and holding Verbich the ball, but sent his past to the door of Georgi Petkov.
15 – Bojikov led a perfect pass on the Anton Nedyalkov wing, which immediately focused, but Stanislav Kostov lost a good position.
24 – Belets, who has successfully boxed the balloon ball, are tied to the strong goalkeeper by Strahil Popov.
31 – A free kick focuses on Dervishevich and the ball was passed by Georgi Petkov's right door traw.
33 – Stanislav Kostov made a cut and a separate shot over the door.
41 – Bozhikov stopped a break from Ilichic with a timely sword.
45 – End of the first part!
45 – Start the second half.
47 – Capture the center of the corner to the guests and Petkov Boxing.
50 – Ivelin Popov led a shot on the right, but sent the ball into the hands of the Belets.
52 – Pen Bozhikov after concentrating after protecting the guests, but was an assault.
62 – Ilichic, who shot over Petkov's door, passed a great deal.
68 – GHOOL for Bulgaria! Bozhikov found Strapo Popov, who scored the right scored by Galin Ivanov 1-0. Two more sports are now needed to win the group.
75 – GOL for Slovenia! The guests repaired quickly and Miha Zaitz was equal at 1: 1 with average distance. This is the first shot for Slovenians in the game.
85 – Guest guest refused into the prey situation.
90 – There are several strikes in front of the door of the guests, but Belets reflected them all.
90 + 1 – Unleashed Roman came alone against Petkov, the goalkeeper rescued.
90 + 3 – End of the game! Bulgaria and Slovenia finished 1: 1.

Legend: naked , aim itself , a yellow card , second yellow card , red card , shift , A dangerous situation , Injury

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