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Pity! Bulgaria has forgotten the first place in the League of Nations


Bulgaria finished just as 1: 1 with Slovenia in a game of Group 3 in League C of the League of Nations tournament, played at the Vasil Levski Stadium.

In front of the 5,000 spectators who had arrived in the cold night of November, players of the brewer Peter Hubchev stood better on the field in the first part and losing a number of good jobs to lead the result.

In the second part, the "lions" continued to be more active and deserved resulting in the result, thanks to Galin Ivanov. Shortly thereafter, however, Miha Zaitz came to Equity to the Slovans.

Thus, Bulgaria failed to win the first place in its group and at least for the time being did not qualify for the final stage of the race.

Our native lions now have to qualify for Eurofinals directly through the appliances or to keep Norwegian piping to do so and to give us a place for the last League of Nations League.

Both teams started the game equally, but the guests came to a serious risk in the 11 minute record. Roman Asyak headed to the left and gave a parallel bass for the defeat of our Verbich defendants. The football kept the ball but sent her over the barbar.

The lions answer was not late. In the 15 minutes, Vassil Bozhikov turned on the wing for Anton Nedyalkov. He immediately joined Stanislav Kostov, who referred to his outline of the door outline.

In the following minutes, both teams tried to play in the middle of the field, with boys having a small territorial advantage. In the 33 minutes Stanislav Kostov was blown into a dangerous and technical position of the penalty area. But the ball went over the door.

In the 41 minutes Josip Ilicic showed the class after he broke three defendants. At that moment, throw Vasil Bozhikov Vassil Bojikov, and stop the danger ahead of the door of Georgi Petkov. So he finished the first half without goals.

In the second part, our boys continued to stay better on the field and in the 50 minutes Ivelin Popov could find the result. The attacker raised above everything that set a center on Stra Strapo's right. However, belets were caught easily.

In 62 minutes there was a dangerous assault from Slovenia leading to "lions" protection problems. Ilichic was found, but he did not take advantage of his good shot corridor, sending the ball out.

In the 68 minutes, the "lions" came to the result. Strahil Popov scored with another good focus, where he was waiting for the unleashed gallon, Galin Ivanov. The new football player played the situation skilfully and matched Matt Type Belets – 1: 0.

In the 75th minute, however, the Sloopers fell. The foyer moved well to the left where Miha Zaitz took control of the ball. The football shot a solid shot on the ground and did not leave any opportunity to Petkov.

In the final minutes of the meeting the Bulgarians were very close to the victory but the luck to the guests was there. In the extra time, Roman Asyak could hit the "lions", but Petkov showed the class up and rescued.

Bulgaria – Slovenia 1: 1

Top scorers: Galin Ivanov (68 & 39), Miha Zaitz (75 & 39)

Bulgaria: Petkov, Popov, Bodurov, Bojikov, Nedyalkov, Kostadinov, Slavchev, Dimitrov (Ivanov 64 & 39), Popov, Delev (Zanev 73 & # 39;), Kostov (Vasilev 59 &
Selector: Petar Hubchev

Slovenia: Belez, Skubic, Rothman, Andras Struna, Dervishevich (Biaol 58 & 39), Zaitz (Stuac 88 & # 39;), Ilichic, Beziak, Blazic, Verbich
Selector: Tomas Kavchic

Sofia, stadium "Vasil Levski"
Judge: Hussein Goceck
Yellow cards: S. Popov (Bulgaria); Beziak, Biel (Slovenia)

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