Friday , February 26 2021

PICTURAU First of the spectacular arrest of the amazing mask of Tommy Cherny, pouring out his Class G – BLITZ

Todor Atanasov – Tommy Chernya was taken to the arrest, he was cut off the apartment at 13, Saedinenie Street in Burgas, reporting Flagman. This time, the charge against it will join a frequency group.

A search was made in its Mercedes du Mercedes Class SUV.

We remember that there are steps in the sea town since the morning.

As Blitz said, 10 people were kept in Burgas city by 8:30, which is related to the distribution of drugs in the region. Specialist operation runs from 6 am.

The Department of Directorate of the Interior Ministry, Senior Commissioner Kaloyan Kaloyanov, has the steps on the Ministry of Interior Directorate and the Chief Executive of Crime Offended, directed by the Office of the Specialist Prosecutor.

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