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It's not like this one! Each second player, actor or model participates in business. They all expected that they would get yellow and butter, as their name would work for them, writes Shoo.

Many popular and successful people in the field believed too much and decided that they could become business and business women. However, everyone should look at their own pot and do what is best for them. Otherwise, they're seriously missed, losing a lot of money. Here are stars and neglecting their profession and jumping into deep waters easy money, which brought them bankrupt!

1. Azis a Desislava
Azis and Desislava joined each other as friends and also as popular personalities when creating their own club at the Students' Town. They baptized the "Night Nights" nightlife – one of the significant songs of the wildclick. At the time Azis was dressed as a woman and the fur was great, and Desislava was at the top of her career. Although many tied their fingers for success, they fell with banging and breaking. The version was highlighted that the case is high rates.
This is not just an unreasonable investment. After leaving Payner with a bang and an accident, he decided to create his music television. He's invested heavily, but he has not been able to stand firmly on the market and have lost a lot of money. He was difficult at his feet because at the time it was not among the main names, he did not have many performances and he was singing for a very low fee. He failed to be in complete bankruptcy after finding a buyer on television.

2. Renny
In her example Azis and Dessislava her colleagues, Reni has also started a pub. "As a bird" performer had given the best to manage a "Planet" club in collaboration with musician Emil Kolarov.
Although the restaurant was going well and the prospect would be one of the most elite places in Sofia, Renee finally stopped and it had to be closed. To date, Reni has not remembered this period of life and the financial losses she suffered at the time. She was convinced that success in one undertaking was not a guarantee of success in another. At the time, Reni was at the top of her career in Bulgaria and Serbia, released album after album and enjoyed a massive audience.
Unfortunately, she could not keep her glory and her success as she gave her up to her career in the name of her family and her dear husband. He moved to Israel to the point where he was not divorced. Now he is trying to resume his musical career, but he is hard to compete with young ambitious colleagues.

3. Zlatka Raikova
Zlatka Raikova, the ambitious playmaker, failed to start business with a wedding agency. Rusokoska left the rented audience to organize marriages.
Zlatka started his own business with the idea that he would run because his name would work for her. Yes, well, his disgraceful glory was playing a bad joke. The prospective marriages appear to be afraid of Raikova's raptors and running away from her, and her time too.
His office was located in the Livadi Manastirsky Disaster area. He had complained to her friends that she had no clients and could not handle the business. The rent of the room was not small – 1500 levies per month. At least the initial capital was not paid by her, and her friends to Paul, who are now part of the Preslava folk song. For Zlatka's scope, he reached about 150,000 leva.
With that money, Zlatka could buy an apartment in the center of Sofia, not scratching me that she's a business, a woman, wounding her competitors.

4. Camellia
Kamelia, along with his partner, Tsvetin Tomov, held a company for selling green energy. "Kaegerji Group" is registered for a long time in Plovdiv. How, why and when the business of Kamelia is not bankrupt is clear, and the singer does not like to remember it. "In the past, I'm looking at the current," said wildflakes.
Twenty years ago, Kamelia opened a restaurant in the center of Sofia. The "Sunset of the Dawn" restaurant is far away thanks to the excellent food, but soon the customer gets thinner, one of the reasons that parking shortage Shortly afterwards, the landlord has doubled the rent and the star has forced the shutters to slam.

5. Ivelin Popov and Elena Parisheva
Ivelin Popov broke his pocket and decided to close the restaurant he bought to his wife – the folk singer Elena Parisheva. The kite bar in the neighborhood of Krasna Polyana in Sofia is now a look.
There is no memory of the organization now. Everything has been broken, ruined and cracked, and the football star is completely away from spinning order.
In 2015, Popov showed a generous husband and gave Elena's place a nice place to work with. It was a kind of compensation that she came off the scene at her longest and definitely challenged her singing career.
The family expected the bar to become one of the walking facilities in Sofia. That's why the player released the purse and made a unique interior, and his expectations are to recover his money very quickly and then to start even win. The issue recognizes that they have invested more than 100 young people in the venture.
Not only has it cracked but has not regained its investment. Elena received the gift and even watched the staff briefly. After giving birth to the second hesitation of Ivelin, there was less time after the family business, and he died quickly.

6. Hilda Kazasyan
The popular jazz singers and the girl of the Villy Kazasyan music co-star – Hilda was also bankrupt with the restaurant. For ten years, she had been running Armenia restaurants, but in the end they had to close. During this time, he managed to open three organizations, but only one who is currently working.
As soon as the opening, attract the city's elite Hilda facilities and very successful. Argentine food, actors and politicians had Hilda restaurants.
Not soon, the customer started to thin, and in queues, friends came to Hilda to take pictures. The main reason for this was the poor management of the pubs, which Hilda's partner Nikolay Pavlov is responsible for. He had completely abandoned his restaurant commitments and had no control over the charge. The reason lies in Pantlov. Nicholas plays gambling regularly and loses lots of money, says his friends. So, with a third organization, she has taken herself personally and takes pride in doing better than well.

7. Ivana
A financial crisis has hit the Republican Ivana, which has forced itself to close its private business. The singer, a graduate economist in education, spoke to father, Todor Kaludov, a bus company in his native Aitos.
The company was registered in 1999, but after 2010, things went very badly. Ivana had to sell the company so she did not become bankrupt. For a long time, the singer poured empty empty. Most of the money for participation went to the Valtic company – Ivana Kaludova, until it was not wildflake and now she only supported the fees.
"The situation is very difficult for small businesses and I can not resist the crisis," he said about his accident in his business venture.

8. Aneta Sotirova
Actor Aneta Sotirova has been acting as the owner of the "Gara for Two" caterpillar on Benkovski Street in Sofia. In 2012, however, she had to hit the shutters.
The bankruptcy of the pub was logical – those who had been tempted to enter the "coupe" of the actress were rarely afraid to repeat, like the inside, apart from the shadow of a hopeless collapse, the prices were more than many, just as hot as Russia was the "smell" soup there.
The "Two Train Station" was a rather than a family-owned restaurant that mentioned old days of old pre-jump in the transition period, as Lukanov's wife, co-owner of the restaurant and friend Aneta Sotirova.

9. Luben Chatalov
In 2001, Luben Chatalov opened his pub. This is his great dream and did not do it for profit, but fun. "Architecture" is a bit strange to her – two adjoining garages are attached to the back and painted so that they can not be reminiscent of theatrical decorations. And fill with stage heroes.
"I can never cook the same manna as yesterday – I do not know my birthplace, it's annoying, but I still think. I have a house in Mirkovo, near Sofia, there is a river and two or three dams. I usually dig a large hole, I'll fire up the inside and take two plates. When the wet penny stays, I & # 39; place fish and fat slightly on one doc, and dock, cover the other, and cover the rest of the zest, "he praised at the beginning of his pub.
Not soon, he had to say goodbye to this dream and to close the pub, which had been hanging up to my friends who wanted to drink. drink and soup.

10. Stefan Danailov
In the months after November 10, 1989, black clouds gather on top of the beloved national Stefan Danailov. The colleagues, who most helped her, were struggling to get flats and ranks, first, she started throwing her. Materials appear in newspapers, which deprive everything he has made as an artist and as a person. The reason: He was secretary of the party of the National Theater, and Sergey played "Every Kilometer", and therefore became fond of Communist power. Friends flee. They felt anathematized. At that moment, the actor was ready to give up his / her profession. Looking for a way out of the situation, he went with suspicious colleagues across the Balkan to buy sheep to export to Italy. His appearance in the villages caused a tremendous excitement. He collected the people to look at and forget about the sheep. In the end, Danailov's good business ended with the fact that Italian partners took the sheep but forgot to pay. So, Stephen returned to the theater and cinema again, and took Italy to play the best of his time series.

Krassimir KRASSIMIROV, "SHOW" paper


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