Wednesday , May 25 2022

Nvidia is close to the biggest deal in its history


The maker, Nvidia, is on the verge of the biggest deal in his story. The manufacturer of graphics accelerators and processors will acquire the Mellanox Technologies of Israel for $ 7 billion, says Reuters and Bloomberg, stating sources. The company in Santa Clara, California has won the race with Intel, who has also been interested in the company.

Mellanox, who has been present in Israel and the United States of America, has been working in the production of chip data. The company has a valuable technology used to accelerate the transfer of information between administrators.

Nvidia receives one third of its revenue from data center services. Even deeper joining this business will allow the company to reduce its dependence on video and related industry games

When closing the markets on Friday, Mellanox's market capitalization was $ 5.9 billion. After the news, he quickly raised his shares and accounted for 66 percent of the bottom that arrived in October.

In January, Nvidia, who has market capitalization of $ 91 billion, has cut its revenue predictions in the fourth quarter of a quarter by a billion dollars due to the weak demand for video cards in China and lower sales than expected in data centers.

Nvidia Cryptoblock

Nvidia Cryptoblock

The shares have grown by 18 percent

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