Saturday , November 28 2020

Nino revealed how much she will operate the Discovery stars – BLITZ

Three actions have been announced because Discovery stars have been reported to the Bulgarian legal entity that presents the photo application and, depending on receipt, following a penalty. Up to 10,000 BGN, at Niko Dimov, Minister for Environment and Water, at Nova TV.

We remind you that the survivors, Bear Grylls and Derek Huff have gone to Rila, where they survive, a number of exclusions, including a fire, swam in one of the Lake Saila Rila and hunting.

"Those who broadcast the movie can not know the 190 countries legislation. This is not a post, so they have no claims and they're probably invited to & # 39 ; The natural people who have committed a breach of law to accept deeds, "said Minister Dimov.

According to information from Rila National Park, the pictures were taken when park staff did not match the shooter.

"That is, it was done contrary to the permission granted by the park," said the minister, adding that an internal order was still being ordered.

The event with Bear Grylls has stimulated strong social networking reactions. Most consumers are depressed that nothing has been done over the years against a secret nature, and measures are being taken against ultimate Bulgarian beauty television crew advertising worldwide.

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