Saturday , January 16 2021

New information about Android Q 10 capabilities ends

Sources are reporting more and more new information about the capabilities of the tenth version of the mobile operating system developed by Google, which is so well known under the operating name of Android Q. What is the morality of the Q letter that is not yet is known, but the following are known.

The version that appeared for final testing was confirmed by earlier information that the OS operation will be implemented in the operating system. Remember, Google Assistant Voice Assistant will also be able to identify its users not only on the voice, but also on the person. This may happen with the release of Android 10 Q.

Also, Android Q will include embedded ability to record what is happening on the screen for what third party uses should be used to date, or that this feature has been integrated into the Android based graphic software graph. When you hold the power button, a selection of four options will appear: restart, close, screen and emergency calls.

The Sensor Privacy feature will also appear in the settings to turn off all sensors and sensors. The purpose of this feature is not always clear.

Finally, the tenth version of Android will support the Protected Wi-Fi network 3 (WPA3) and fifth generation (5G) network security protocol.

It is expected to announce Android 10 Q, which will also include an evening mode in each tab, at the Google I / O conference in May this year.

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