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New hits from United and a victory in the 91th minute


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Manchester United came to a dramatic victory over Young Boys, with a guarantee of taking part in the next Champions League. The only goal in the game was Marwan Feelyy in the minute 91 minutes.

Thus, the English arrived their next winning victory in the tournament and were managed at least a few to eliminate their supporters for their last games in the Premier League.

United also stopped their negative series at Old Trafford after they won their three last home chambers.

In this group, the leader is Juventus with 12 points, England with 10, Valencia with five, and Young Boys with one.

It should be noted that Jose Mourinho has made many changes to the start line, with the stars Paul Pogba and Romulus Lukaku a reserve.

United started the game and squeezed the guests in front of their penalty. In the 5 minutes, Luke Shaw surprised Marcus Rashford in a clear position, but did not score after crossing the door.

Shortly after that, Fred failed to score after shooting in the movie. The English continued to attack but another omission was made of Marcus Rashford.

In the 20 minutes, Marwan Feleini was lost and shot suddenly, yet he did not arrive. Half an hour later, Jesse Linggard did not have an opportunity. These were the strong points for United, but the forces did not succeed in scoring.

In turn, Swiss guests were mostly dependent on protection and rarely look at the opposing door.

In the 36 minutes the first situation came to the guests, but Jean Pierre Names lost. There was also an opportunity for Miralem Sulejmani, whose shot was blocked. Half finished with Fred's new chance, but again.

The second part started again with fierce attacks on United, but the surprise the guests could scored. In the 55 minute minute, the Kevin Mbubu shot shot past the traw.

Gradually, the Englishmen took the initiative, but new omissions were made through Rashford and Feeley. Jose Mourinho then played Pugba and Lukaku, who made Britons even more at the top.

However, the Swiss could punish a United assault game, but for luck, David de Hea made great salvation.

At the end, Unified all went on and reached another famous victory. Lukaku Feelyy, who scored technically for the 1-0 win, found 91 minutes of the game.


UNITED MAN: From Hea, Valencia, Smoling, Jones, Shaw, Fealini, Matich, Fred, Linggard, Rashford, Martial

Y BO BOYS: Von Balmoos, Mbabu, Camara, Von Bergen, Benito, Lauper, Suleimani, Sow, Abeisher, Asale, Nassame

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