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Milan – Juventus 0: 1, Manjukic's goal, Iguaine lost a penalty!


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Tournament: Italian Series

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Gonzalo Iguaine loses a penalty!

The Rosoners attacker can not be broken!

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Milan players will be able to return to the game!

A forthcoming survey with a video intercom system …

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Bacacao is on the grass after contacting a player objector.

He received medical help.

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Bennete official notice

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Jut first and outline of Juve door.

Souso does.

No reason to worry about the visiting team after the ball has been removed.

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Sorry Pianich!

Save another Donoruma.

It seems as if there were only some time to score the second goal in the game.

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Manjukic again finds himself well.

The attacker hit the shot of AC Milan's goalkeeper.

Another good site for guests.

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Sequence for Juventus.

Pianic focuses.

This time the guests save their doors.

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Benita stuck his head after a corner kick!

The ball does not enter the Milan goal.

Guest pressures are stronger.

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Again in the game, an opposition between Mandjukich and Rodriguez.

He was superior to the Croatian giant to send the ball to the net for 0: 1.

An interesting battle is formed between them.

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New Manjukic attempt to reach the target!

This luck is not on his side.

It could have been written in a similar way, as it did a few minutes ago.

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0: 1!

Arrival Manjukic with your head!

Help for Sandro.

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Torri Ronaldo!

The ball goes away from the target.

Malshans for the Portuguese agent.

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Gattuso now loses patience along the side line after he is confident that the lost connection is in favor of his team.

Ultimately, it incorporates the Dibble and is similar to the arbitrators' decision.

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Guest pressure in the minutes of the meeting.

They take you to the first most dangerous assault in half the opponent.

The homework efforts made a great effort, and it was not disappointing.

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First Award Signal!

Milan runs Juventus in the 12th round of Series A. The San Siro Battle starts at 21:30.

Both girls face each other in an attempt to continue the excellent series in Calcium.

The Rosoneries won their last three games games and two of the successes in the games sequence followed. In both cases, a captain became the captain of Alessio Romanoyi.

The champions have 31 points in their assets after 11 rounds, the best success in their great history.

Massimiliano Allegri: We are disappointed, we were not lost

Massimiliano Allegri: We are disappointed, we were not lost

"We're expecting a tough game with Milan"

Coach Gennaro Gatuzo has had serious staffing problems in recent days. Outside there is Matteo Mussachio, Giacomo Bonaventura and Lucas Bilia.

For Douglas Kosta and Federico Bernardeski, Douglas Kosta and Federico Bernardeski returned to Max Allegre while staying Leonardo Spinazola and Emre Zhang in Turin.

The Milan season is very strong in San Siro and has 5 prizes and has 1 piece of 6 homes.

Juve is an excellent hotel and has 5 successes out of 5 fighting. From the last 5 conflicts in Milan, the 4 won and lost only once.

Gattuso: I can not criticize Mourinho, I've done things even worse than that

Gattuso: I can not criticize Mourinho, I've done things even worse than that

AC Milan coach talks about the Juventus derby

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