Friday , June 24 2022

Mehaylov – Stojanovic on Gerena – BG Soccer – First League


Nikolay Mihaylov, who is being urged to return to Levski, has met an advanced trainer of the "blue" Slavisa Stojanovic, who learned Darik's radio.

The two most likely discussed the options for attracting the goalkeeper to the blue rows.

Nikolay Mihaylov currently has no team, and yesterday he showed up on Gerena Gerena and the Montana scene of the stalls.

The team of the Georgi Asparuhov Stadium has shaken by a door-opening emergency, which emerged Martin Polachek and Bozhidar Mitrev's appearance.

For this reason, yesterday at the door of the "blue" is protected by the young Nikolay Krastev, who will probably be the decision by the end of the calendar year.

Niki Mihaylov looked at the control of Levski with Montana on Gerena

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