Sunday , March 7 2021

Marwan Feeley Manchester United rescued new tragedy at Old Trafford

Manchester United was recovered from a new draw in the extra time of the game with Young Boys. The H Champions League round led to zero when Marwan Feelyy scored in the 91 minutes the only goal in the game.

"The Red Devils" was very close to the disappointment of their supporters again, ending the group stage without hitting any of their home games in the tournament group.

The Swiss team played a very strong half and they can be beaten.

The meeting started with expected domestic pressures, with Rashford and Fred near a shot. In turn, the guests created tension in the objectionable penalty area, but Sow failed to hit.

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At the beginning of the second part, Rashford and Feelyy reported defects. During the meeting, three guests were exposed to good opportunities, and the first De Hea showed a wonderful reflection.

United answered a weak blast to Lukaku. In the last few minutes, the "red devils" was still pressing. After focusing on Pogba, Chris Smiling shook his head but was wrong.

In the extra time, Feelyi received the ball in the penalty area, turned and sent the ball to the door.

With the success, Red Devils has collected 10 points and now is now eight goals champions in the Champions League after being inappropriate for the third leader of Valencia 5. Juventus with 12 points.

Juventus broke into Valencia with 1: 0 and applied for round 1/8-final

Juventus broke into Valencia with 1: 0 and applied for round 1/8-final

The forces ordered through the game

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