Saturday , October 16 2021

Maggie Halvadjian with death details of K-19, ruin of participant in “The Masked Singer”

Tears in “The Masked Singer” 2. Nevena Tsoneva, who was hiding behind the image of the bride, experienced a great tragedy while participating in reality.

The beautiful singer buried her father, and hours later appeared on the stage of “The Masked Singer”. This was revealed by the show’s producer, Magardich Halvadjian.

K-19 killed Nevena Tsoneva’s father, and she had to … PHOTO

“I want to thank the Maestro and Slavi for agreeing to invite this girl here,” he said.

“I’ll take you back a month. Then the bride had a great performance, it happened just hours after her father’s burial,” she said.

“She had every reason not to come. But she was here and she sang great. When you hear someone say there’s no show business in this country, you don’t believe them,” Halvadjian added .

“I’m sorry, I just had to say, I know how difficult it was for you at that moment, thank you for overcoming it. I came out in memory of your father,” Halvadjian said.

The bride ranked in a second honorable place. Third was Predator, behind his image was X Factor winner Christiana Loizou. The winner in the form is Baba Yaga, whose mask was Bobby Turboto.

BLITZ reminds that Nevena’s father – Tsvetan Tsonev, known among colleagues and friends as Tsafa, died on November 6 of coronavirus.

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