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Light Draw for FA, Inter in "The Short Punch" – World Football – Europa League


All the 1/8-final pairs in the Europa League have become clear in the current season. The UEFA headquarters in Nyon have traditionally hosted the event, which lost almost all the great trophies. From the big names Inter has hit the most competitive competitor in the face of the extremely successful Frankfurt Eintracht football team.

Full for 1/8 rounds in the Europa League, season 2018/2019:

Chelsea / England / – Kiev / Ukraine Dinamo /

Intentracht Frankfurt / Germany / – Between / Italy /

Dinamo Zagreb / ​​Croatia / – Benfica / Portiwgal /

Naples / Italy / – Salzburg / Austria /

Valencia / Sbaen / – FC Krasnodar / Russia /

Seville / Spain / – Czech Republic / Czech Republic /

Arsenal / England / – Rennes / France /

Zenith / Russia / – Villarreal / Spain /

At this stage of the tournament, only the exception was that teams of Ukraine and Russia could not be brought against each other for political reasons. That's why the procedure started by Dynamo Kyiv, which was awarded to Chelsea for the competitor (in this case the balls were removed with the names of Zenit and Krasnodar from the ball). From then on, the draw was full and everyone could fall against all other opponents. Until recently, there were likely to be objections between serious teams from Spain, Italy and England, but that was not the case.

The first rounds of the 1/8-finals will be played on March 7, and the rebellions will be organized for a week later on the 14th.

The final in the tournament will be played on May 29, and his host will be at the Baku Olympic Stadium, Azerbaijan.

The draw for 1/8 rounds in UEFA, the 2018/2019 season


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